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The Kingdom Way

God is raising up a new people of God.

He is calling them to live a new way, The Kingdom Way.

What does this look like?

In order to understand the Kingdom, we need a good understanding of Jesus and his role in history and our lives. He is the King. His central message was the coming of the Kingdom. Try this: ask 10 Christians to describe and explain the Kingdom of God. You may get eleven different answers! Well, it might not be that bad, but you never know until you try it!

The word Kingdom is really not a familiar word or concept in our modern age. We understand government and, generally, we tend to think that a one man ‘show’ is not the way to go. We’d call that a dictatorship these days – one person ruling is just out of vogue. Well, except in the Kingdom. Jesus is the ruler, the King, the Kingdom is his domain. Get it, King’s domain = Kingdom. This is what Jesus proclaimed, the coming of his domain. He said that the Kingdom would be within us and among us. Don’t we wish! Well, we don’t need to just wish – we can experience it. To do so might take a bit of courage, though. We may have to take a long hard look and ask ourselves. Are we experiencing the Kingdom of God among us? For most of us, the answer would be NO!

Well, God is not content with this – and so he is calling forth a New People. This new people will experience the Kingdom among themselves. They will learn to walk in The Kingdom Way.

We are going to look at the Kingdom Way from a number of vantage points. We are going to look at what it means for individuals, couples, families and then on to larger groups of people. When Jesus told us to extend the Kingdom, he kept it simple. He said that we should go make disciplined followers who would do the things he said we should do. So, that will be our focus, what it means to be a disciplined follower of Christ, what it means for ourselves and how it impacts the way we relate to others.

Let’s do a quick overview of what it means to be disciplined followers of Christ.

For individuals, we will learn to focus on these things:

One God.

God. Do we really understand who God is? Do we understand how he has revealed himself in scripture? Why is there an Old Testament? Why is there a New Testament? How do these relate to each other and how does Jesus ‘fit in’? All of these concepts are fundamental to our understanding of God and how we relate to him. Yet, many Christians would be hard pressed to accurately describe these things.

Two Mandates.
We have two mandates that encompass our service to God. First is how we live and relate to God, to other believers and those outside of the Kingdom. Love God and love our neighbor as ourselves, the Great Commandment. Easy to say, but what does this mean in our everyday lives. Is it something we actually keep as a moment to moment awareness? Uhm. Do we even know our neighbor, much less love them? And, loving God should have a real impact on how we live our lives. Undoubtedly, you have heard the frightening statistics of pornography, divorce and all types of problems in the lives of Christians. Something is not quite right with how believers are living; too often their lives are not reflecting love and devotion to God.

So.. these thoughts are not new. We have heard and heard things like this. What is new is this: It doesn’t have to be this way. God is raising a new people who will live differently.

The call is going out. Are you stirred to learn about becoming a new people of God?

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 Hey Mark,


 Ya caught me off guard with the" Replacement Theology" thing. I had never heard of that before. After a goggle search I discovered I did be another name,"Supersessionism or fulfillment theology" was what it was called when I was reading about it. If religion confuses your uncle he is far from alone in that. IMO any who say they are not confused about religion is the one that is confused. 



 I like you know little of the inner workings of  Jehovah Witnesses but I have read quite a lot about the Mormon faith from Joseph Smith writing the book of Mormon to now. In some ways I respect the Mormon faith. In family matters and taking care of other members of the church it's tuff to best the Mormons. Then their is the Mormons holy underwear thing. Goggle "Mormons holy underwear" to learn more.


 I'm not an Uncle yet.That will change in late summer. Nor do I use the word " love" as freely as you. If a do use it I mean it. Always been that way. 

 When I was 6 years old my grandmother died. My mother found me hiding from everyone after the funeral was over and wanted to know why I was hiding. "because I feel guilty" I said.  My Mom asked why. I told her because I don't feel any need to cry over grandmother death,Mom I can not even say I loved her. That hurt my mom. I told my mom that I did not know grandmother, I only saw her for a week or so once a year at most. How can I honesty say I loved her. I still remember her eye growing wide after I told her this. she hugged me as said O James your so much more grown up acting then any 6 yo should be. I understand what your saying and you have no reason to feel guilty over this,now come on out here so I can show you off to everyone here. You got loads of people out here you need to get to know.They are mostly family. I will help you get to know these good people.

 This was in the pan handle of Oklahoma. I still have loads of family out in the pan handle of both Texas and Oklahoma. I did get to know them and still get out that way at least every other year, I can now say I love everyone of them. I still feel a bit guilty when I am there as none of them know I am an atheist.I want to tell them but promised my mother I would not. I believe they would be fine with knowing but my Mom is not,and I love her anyway.

 stay safe out there,


Mark Edward Kroger said:

Hi James and KD;

I have myself in the corner and God has me in the woodshed. I am sorry Steve, for being a hypocrite and not living the agape spirit I profess and preach. What you said was in love, what I said wasn't. Sorry :-((

James, for me, just for me, if a person gets Jesus on the center of their circle, the Holy Spirit will work out the rest. Like we were talking about, gays don't need more straight talk and Democrats don't need a wake up call from a Republican; we all just need Jesus.

I tend to think of Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses as more like cults. I believe they have Books and Leaders they hold above Scripture and Christ. But I will be the first to admit that I know very little about either of them and I would never say there will be none of them in the Kingdom as Jesus is the reference-we either receive Him or we don't.

I have an uncle who believes in Replacement Theology, I remember, Father and Son Ted Armstrong. I believe my uncle loves Jesus, but I also think he is very confused. They attempt to trace the lost tribes to the English Throne. But it is one of those conversations, " I love you Uncle James and I know you love me. Let's pray God will teach both of us." Yes James, he's my uncle James. He really is a nice guy, just like you. I tease him and tell him he better get home.

Have a great day!






Hi James,

Thanks so much for that great reply. I so agree about having questions about Scripture's answers to some things. That's why I try to stress Jesus. I know I probably have some things wrong that I have accepted but have never really dug into or has been made rhema to me.

I also agree the word "love" can be so confusing. Family love, intimate love, etc. The love I am talking about is agape love, something stirring deep inside even when the apple cart is turned upside down. It's the love that came with the New Birth that you hurt for someone you have never met. It's something thats stirs deep and causes you to pray under your breath all day, interceding for someone or some situation. To bring a healing to a deep cut. Where you start to cry and you forgot you were in a room full of people.

God is good, actually awesome. He brought all of us to together for a purpose. One is Iron sharpens Iron. Another is I never realized I had so much garbage in me that needed to be heated up and ladled out.

Everyday I pray for the Lord to bring mature Christians much deeper than me to open up conversations to lift up Christ and Glorify the Father. I tell the Lord, "I'll stay in the back room if you want me to and pray.." But look at what is happening already. You live in Colorado, I live in southern Ohio and God is using Kingdom Insight to help you make me a better Christian and person overall. I'm ooching and ouching all the way, but I'm grateful for it.

Have a great day, James.






I found a semi poem in one of my emails. Someone with poetic and rhyming skills could take this and run with it...


The Risk of This Love

There is a risk involved in everything
Every time you share a smile
Every time you shed a tear
You are opening yourself up to hurt.

Some people tread slowly through life,
Avoiding the risk closeness brings,
Sidestepping the things they can not understand
Turning away from risk of this love.

There is never an easy way to love
You cannot approach it cautiously
It will not wait for you to arm yourself
When you realize it is there...
It is too late.

It will not change if you turn away,
It will stalk you...
Where people are, it is there.
This Love is the greatest of all risks.

It is not predictable
and it is not cautious,
It will pursue you and
bring you to your knees.

Even in the best of times, this love may hurt.
It may hurt to care, it may hurt to belong,
It may hurt to take part in someone else,
It may hurt with or Without your consent.

But, from the moment it overtakes you,
You will never be the same.
This love never depletes;
It grows stronger and
more demanding with time.

It is in the total surrender of all defense,
No matter weak or strong,
No matter willing or captive,
This love is with you for life.

Despite the many things this love is not,
Nothing else comes close.
It is surrender without a loss.
It is a gift without the cost.
It consumes your every thought,

Every breath you take.
It is the fire that fuels you
To do more than pass through life;
It urges you, instead, to live.

No matter the outcome, having felt this love,
You will never be the same.
It may scar your heart and soul
But, this love is worth it.

For in all of life, this Love is truly
the only risk worth taking.
It is the agape love that pusued you
and brought you to Christ.

Kris Hydmore

Have a great day!



James, it sounds like you had/have a wise momma.  I'll have to look up that replacement theology. 

Mark,  discovering how much junk I still have usually happens right after iron sharpened iron and found a week spot.    Must admit that I am still quite full of some rough stuff and that w/o the life that you have lived.  It gets us all and none of us should think we are better than another.

  I used to walk around a room full of kids praying under my breath...sometimes for them, sometimes for me so I wouldn't loose grace with those awesome young folks.  They were awesome but kids are kids and often do some not so awesome things.

The poem could be dressed up a little to flow better but putting in a true rhyme patter would likely loose most f what is being said.  Let's keep it the way it is unless someone far more clever than I comes along. 



Hi Lisa,

Thanks so much.


I believe that many of us are led by God, the direction of our life thru prayer.  I also believe that there are many ways we can feed our faith and I think that it is very important.  I also believe in Prayer, lots of prayer and visiting with our Mother Mary and Jesus.  I have problems like everyone else, but I also know that God will not let me fail.

How do I know:  thru faith but my faith also brought me three visions.  The first vision was a beautiful cloud of the mother's colors, blues, yellows and orange.  There were no other clouds in the sky just a blue sky and this cloud that was very wide and only a 1/4 of its width high.  I thought it was special but didn't know for sure.

About a week later I was going home again and there was a cloud of the same colors against a blue sky.  Only it was very tall and narrow.  It was very special cloud as the first one was.  the sky was blue and there were absolutely no other clouds in the sky.


Then about 2 weeks later I was driving home but the sky was very white and so was the ground as there was so much snow.  But I happened to look at this old grain bin and red shed all by itself.  No foot prints or indication that anyone had been there.  First I noticed an irregular oval shape and it was snowing inside the oval, but not outside the oval.  I thought how weird and then I looked past the oval shape and saw a really roaring smoke, no flames, no redness as of fire.  I worried that the shed was on fire and contrinued on home so I could call the fire department.  But when I went to make a turn I looked back and couldn't see anything.  I have a friend who has a very profound spiritual life and I had already told her about the clouds.  when I told her about the oval shape and the smoke, she said that it was a spirit protecting me from Satan's Smoke.  I had never heard of Satan's smoke and while I was talking to her, I binged a Lady (sp?) Madjugerrie site and clicked on a tab, I have not been able to find it since and there was Satan's Smoke going into the churches thru pew sitters, that is people who go to church on Sunday morning then don't practice their faith during the week.  I have never found this tab again. 


I read a lot, I pray a lot, particularly the rosary and the Chaplet to St. Micheal.  I am filled many times with God's love and grace, and does everything always go right, not in the short run, but in the long run many of my concerns have disappeared.


I hesitated to share this because I realize how weird it sounds, but it is lovely to me, and I hope that it gives you encouragement to grow your faith thru prayer, readings and the church.  You will feel so rewarded.



Hi Jan,

Thanks so much for your sharing. The closest thing I have had to a vision is this [Only Internet Explorer plays the Website right...] I have never heard of Satan's smoke either, but it makes sense, smoke gets in our eyes and blinds us to lose sight of our purpose. I believe demons are always looking for an opening to turn something good into something bad. If one can get us to lose sight of the big picture, we forget we are representing Christ in everything we do.

It is so all right to disagree as long as we do it in love and show step by step why we think a little different and close by saying, "You pray for me & with me and I will pray for you & with you and we will ask the Lord to show us both." I read a quote on twitter that said, "Good judgement comes from experience and experience usually comes from bad judgement."

I think one of the things we can do for each other in reference to Satan's smoke is to pray for each other while we are posting so that our prayers cover each other so even if one of us momentarily lose focus, a demon can't use it as a portal and that we might catch it before we click "Add Reply."

Thanks Jan so much for sharing that,





In this day of pluralism - many religions who each believe they have the TRUTH and numbers of people who believe as long as you're a 'good' person and belong to a religion you'll go to heaven - we should give pause and get back to the 'basics.' God's Kingdom People follow His Word and don't expand on it to stretch the truth. Universalism - the belief that all will go to heaven - is showing up in the emerging churches. Let's examine some of what they believe for the purpose of showing them God's eternal truths. The Bible says in the last days some will turn away from Truth. Let's be careful we run to Truth and then extend grace to those who are on the edge of believing lies.

Thanks, Juanita, for helping us think through what we believe and follow God's Word.

- Ginger

Hi Ginger,

Thanks for the weigh in. I so agree, Jesus is our reference. With Him, we get it all and without Him, we lose it all. And I agree His Word is our life's guide and growth manual. The more of it we get in us and learn to apply the more we grow and without it we stagnate.

I want my life to be smooth, no ripples, no trouble. When I make a mistake, I want to hide under a rock and not come out. But the Lord continually reminds me that the man who thinks the same at 50 as he did when he was 20, has wasted 30 years of his life. Life is day by day, moment by moment, a little here, a little there.

What I want to be is an encourager. I want to learn to ignore small stuff and learn to use the conversation as a spring board to build a platform to show what the Lord has done in my life. Where He took me from and where I know He is taking me. I am far from there yet, but I am much farther than when I started out.

Yesterday, I was working, with our PM [Preventative Maintenance] Guys. One had a huge utility exhaust fan, a blower inside of a housing and it kept rubbing on the inside. I jumped in to help, we loosened the bearings and started shifting the blower shaft. We found a spot that wouldn't rub, but when we began to put it back together, it rubbed. The second time, I started saying in a low whisper, "In Jesus Name, In Jesus Name..." He said "I agree." And it didn't rub. When I said it, I wasn't thinking about preaching, I was thinking about getting this contrary exhaust fan to work. The Lord used it to plant a seed.

So we did our necessary work and at the same time the Lord continued His eternal work in each of us. We were both eyewitnesses that prayer works.

For me, the Lord is teaching me not to sweat the small stuff. If we can get Jesus in our equation, He can go to work. But if I don't bring and focus on Jesus, you would be better off without me, even with my best intentions.

Thanks Ginger. It's by sharing that Jesus is lifted up and a sweet savour rises to the Throne Room. I think He listens for the sound of His Name.

Thanks so much, Ginger,


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