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Communion / Eucharist: History of: Part 1: Bread and Wine Elements

Communion / Eucharist: History of:

Part 1: Bread and Wine Elements

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Do you know the history of communion, which begins with the last plague of Moses over the land of Egypt, which then became known as the Passover.

 Communion, also known as Eucharist, is comprised of two main elements — Bread and Wine. 


Bread in Communion. In the first Passover in Exodus, unleavened bread came about because the children of Israel had to pack and leave Egypt in haste. Unleavened means that the bread had no time to rise. Pharaoh had commanded they leave immediately. During the Passover meal, the host breaks the bread and says something like, “This is the bread of affliction, which our fathers ate in the land of Egypt. Let all who are hungry come and eat. Let all who are in want, come and celebrate the Passover with us. May it be God’s will to redeem us from all evil and all slavery.” It was at the serving of this bread to His disciples that Jesus said, “This is my body, broken for you.” 


Wine in Communion. Also in the first Passover recorded in Exodus, a lamb was sacrificed to sprinkle blood on the two doorposts and door lintel. In the last plague, the blood on the posts and lintel stopped the death angel from taking the first-born’s life within that house. With sacrificing the lamb, a life had already been given in place of the first-born’s life. This pointed to Jesus’ sacrifice as the God the Father’s “First-Born.” Our trusting His death to substitute for our own places Jesus as our “Savior.” (Article cont’d.)

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The Sacrament of Communion, or the Eucharist (which means “Thanksgiving”) is the most sacred aspect of Christian faith, the greatest mystery, the greatest sorrow, the greatest blessing, and, when examined closely, the very heart of our Lord Jesus Christ’s life and teaching. Communion is to be approached with humility, confidence, and prayer.


Communion consists of bread and wine. The bread signifies Jesus’ body, both broken and providing nourishment — the bread of life. The wine signifies Jesus’ blood, His loss of life and our gaining life — there’s life in blood, as another Scripture says. Back in Jesus’ day, bread and wine were common foods. So obviously Jesus wants His children to remember Him daily and continuously. “Do this in remembrance” means “WHENEVER you eat, remember Me.”


At the Last Supper, Jesus was celebrating a specific Jewish High Holy Feast Day, called the Passover, and He gave new significance to the broken unleavened bread and the third cup of wine. (Third cup of wine — see below.)


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(Article cont’d.) A certain part of the lamb was cooked and prepared for the meal, signifying that the lamb’s sacrificed body gave life and nourishment to the partakers. When Jesus served the wine during communion, He said, “This is my blood, which is shed for the remission of the sins of many.”


Third Cup of Wine. During the Passover Celebration, four cups of wine are served. The third is the “Cup of Blessing.” We know Jesus took the third cup because the Gospels say, “After supper He took the cup,” and cup three is the one served after supper. At this point the Passover celebrants say, “I will take this salvation cup, and I will call upon the name of the Lord.” During the serving of this cup Jesus said, “This is my blood shed for you.” He called attention to Himself as our blessing and salvation. Even if the Gospels have been misinterpreted and Jesus’ cup is actually the fourth one, it still fits. Cup four is the “Cup of Melchizedek,” and Jesus is a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.


Many changes have taken place with this celebration since Moses’ first Passover and Jesus’ instituting Communion. But He who it all represents is the I AM, unchanging yesterday, today, and forever. As you can see, the spiritual benefit for Jesus’ “Family” celebrating Communion IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!

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David -  I really enjoyed this article!   Thanks for sharing!


Where in the Bible does it say, Jesus stated that "this SIGNIFIES my Body"!

In fact, when Jesus told them about this doctrine in John 6, many people found the literal meaning too hard to believe and Jesus DID NOT CORRECT THEM and in the end of John 6, it says MANY of His Disciples walked away and did no longer follow Him. 

Here's a good explanation of what was taught about the Holy Eucharist up until Martin Luther changed it (for his church) in the 1500's.  The Catholic church continues to teach what was taught in the Bible.



Thanks for sharing.  I read the part of the New Baltimore Catechism in the URL.  This is an excellent delineation of the doctrine of Transubstantiation.  Check out Communion, Part 3.
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