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Do you know of anyone having success reaching Muslims for Christ?

Pastor Reza Safa, the ministry team at Nejat TV, and Fisherman’s House Church are using Media Minstry to reach Muslims for Christ.

Pastor Reza Safa was born in Iran and grew up as a Muslim. He came to the United States in 1978 to study English. When he returned to Iran, he became very disillusioned by the country’s revolution. He moved to Sweden where he met missionaries and, through their friendship, became a Christian. He learned to know the Lord, experienced a process of complete transformation, and later became a pastor.

One day Pastor Reza Safa was in pre-service prayer when God spoke to him. The Lord told him that a gentleman would give him $90,000 that evening. God directed him to use $50,000 for crusades in India. The Lord made it clear to him that the remaining $40,000 was to be spent on purchasing television equipment for broadcasting into the Middle East.

Pastor Reza Safa had no idea how to do television broadcasting, but he learned as he bought the equipment. He discovered that satellites broadcast television directly into Iran, so he started producing programs in the Farsi language. He put a camera in his office, sat in front of it, and talked. He did all the editing himself.

In May of 2003, Pastor Reza Safa began airing a half hour program called “Rouve Nejat,” which means “Day of Salvation.” The program took place three times weekly, on a secular, Iranian, satellite TV station from California. Pastor Reza Safa was amazed and thrilled when Iranians called all morning the very first day of broadcasting with questions about the Lord and salvation. The Christian Broadcast ministry, Nejat TV, was born.

Pastor Reza Safa desired a fulltime station where he could help new believers to grow in their faith. In 2005, he was able to meet with the owner of a major Christian broadcasting network and share that vision. A partnership resulted that has impacted many Muslim lives for Christ.

The network provides the financing. The ministry broadcasts six hours of programming, four times a day. From a small studio with two sets in one room, Nejat TV Ministry produces three hours of programming daily. The remaining hours come from other broadcasters, including several preachers from the United States and four Iranian ministers.

Nejat TV can be viewed worldwide through streaming on the internet and two satellite TV stations. The ministry targets countries that speak Farsi, mainly Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Azerbaijan, but since Iranian refugees exist all over the world, they also reach all the Middle East, Europe, and North America. Nejat TV provides CDs and DVDs of programs in Farsi. They are always given freely to those in need.

Nejat TV offers a variety of programming, including preaching, children and youth shows, Bible reading in Farsi (especially precious, since it is almost impossible to get a Bible in Iran), and church services for underground churches. In Iran, Christians are being imprisoned and tortured because of their faith. Currently political leaders are trying to pass an Apostasy Law, making it legal to kill Christians. But every day Iranians call Nejat TV ministry from all over the world. Although Pastor Reza Safa has not been back to Iran since he moved to Sweden, he is daily impacting lives there and around the world through media ministry.

Man experiences joy for the first time!
One man from Guam, a religious city of Iran, was very religious but was an opium addict. He was seeing a therapist and taking medication for psychological problems. One day he watched Neget TV, called the ministry, and accepted the Lord! He now reports that he experiences abundant joy.

Woman is delivered from prostitution!
The owner of a house of prosecution had a number of women working for her and was a prostitute herself. She watched Nejat TV and gave her life to the Lord. She closed the business and changed her phone number. Her relatives saw the change and helped her financially until she could find a job. Her ex-husband who harassed her, stopped bothering her. Jesus completely changed her life!

There was no money for an operation, but God healed!
A mother got saved through Nejat TV. One of her sons had a lung disease requiring surgery, but she did not have the money. Watching Nejat TV encouraged the mother to trust Jesus and pray for her son. She reported seeing a beam of light coming from above going into her son’s lungs. Immediately her son stopped coughing. She took her son to the hospital and the doctor pronounced him totally healed.

An addict and his doctor are set free!
A desperate man had been visiting an herbal doctor to end a fourteen year addiction to opium. One day the doctor was watching Nejat TV and Pastor began praying for people to be set free from drug addictions. The herbal doctor told him, “You have nothing to loose, touch the screen.” The man did, and he felt the power of God go through his entire body. He was instantly delivered from the addiction. As a result both he and the herbal doctor accepted the Lord!

God restores life to a dying woman!
Doctors gave a lady no hope and sent her home to die. One day she was asleep on the couch. Her husband was flipping through the television channels. Suddenly, he heard Pastor Reza Safa say his name. He turned back to listen. He heard Pastor describe his wife’s condition and say that she was being instantly healed. He saw that his wife had gotten up, gone into the kitchen, and started cooking a meal. She was totally healed.

Media ministry gives Muslims opportunity to consider Christianity!
Nejat TV raises many questions for Muslims. One lady started watching and hated it. She resented her religion being confronted, but she kept coming back, because she wanted truth. This is a very common reaction. After two years of watching, she accepted the Lord and became gloriously saved.

I look forward to hearing your stories of how God is reaching Muslims for Christ!

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Hi Katie,

I truly appreciate reading this article. I am a Catholic Christian, and my husband is Muslim. We both love God very much, and I believe we are God's gift to one another, and, my hope is that our life together with bring him closer to Christ. I will have find Nejat TV.

Thank you.

God bless,

Hi Christine!

Warm greetings!
Thanks for your response.
I truly do believe that God is revealing Jesus as Lord and Savior to Muslims in a great way these days.
Praise God!
Also, I have heard of 2 other ministries that God is powerfully using. One is a man named Moni Erfan and his teachings are called "What Mulsims Need to Know About Christianinty" and "What Christians Need to Know About Islam." He mentioned to my husband that over 50,000 Muslims in Iran have come to know Jesus through these teachings. Again, praise God!

I have also heard of a Catholic Priest that is having a real impact into the Muslim world. God is using this Coptic priest to bring many to Christ in the Islamic world by a new weekly tv show that invites Muslims to call him and discuss theological points. With a Bible and a Koran in front of him and a brilliant mind he attempts theological discussions with many callers using logic and reasoning and posing points in open ended questions. Every week he has a different topic such as one recently, "Are women inferior to men in Islam?" . He requires that people clearly cite the sources they are using and engage in good dialogue, not ranting and raving.

He's had many graphicaly-written death threats emails against him but he presses on. "National Review” online did a interesting story on him, I tried to put a link to it below. Quick note, Botros’s broadcasts are in Arabic — the language of some 200 million people, most of them Muslim, so with the beginning of the new media in the Muslim world he's being heard and hearts are changing.

God bless you, Christine!

In Jesus' love,
Wow, Katie! This is incredible!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
Hi Juanita! Thanks for reading this and for caring. I am so blessed to see how much God loves all people. What a wonderful God we serve!
A friend of mine is with Christian Friends of Israel. She often travels to Israel. Over there there are many accounts of Muslims being saved through seeing miracles. She met a one of the Muslim leaders who was flying in the seat next to hers on the plane. She asked him if it was true. He said, "Oh, yes. We're quite concerned about it. We don't know what to do about it."

God calls people from every nation and tribe!
Yes there are many stores on this site reaching Muslims with these very inexpensive effective Tools.
The other thing aout this is that these Tools make it safe in that dangerous enviornment to reach the Muslims. See our site for taste of what we are doing around the world.

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