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My life's dream is to perform music that touches others' hearts and souls as deeply as it touches mine. From as far back as I can remember, I've wanted to touch others with music to bring tears down their cheeks. Consequently I've been a career musician and in the last two years I FOUND the melody I want to play--it's Zephaniah 3:17. I want to play God's melody back to Him that He sings over me in all its many emotions, styles, volumes, tempi, and timbres for all the different situations in my life. I want to play that melody so sweetly that others will hear it and be drawn into the Lord in a deep relationship with Him.
May I ask you to help me do that? Please pray that I'll be able to hear every nuance of that melody with perfect ears and be able to play it back with perfect musicianship. You're welcome to listen in!
BTW, many people don't know how to dream, and haven't any. What is your dream and how may we help you accomplish it?

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OK, I know this may be unusual, but I'd like to comment on my own post. What do I mean by touching others' hearts and souls with music? I'll never forget the first time this actually happened. I was playing the Warsaw Piano Concerto as solo pianist. It's basically in three sections. The first is showy and bravissimo as is usual with a concerto; the second is slower with a beautiful flowing melody; and the third is a recapitulation of the first. The auditorium was packed, the piano was front and center, the orchestra was tuned, and the concerto began. The first section went as predicted. Then came the second section and an experience I shall never forget. The beautiful melody began to speak into my heart. As I heard its beauty and felt its emotion, I released my heart to enter into it. I flowed the melody through my heart and then out my fingers. The orchestra heard and felt it, and fed more into it. I in turn freed my heart to release more! Back and forth the musical content of the melody escalated into extraordinary and aesthetic. (Unknown to my awareness, I became totally lost in the music.) When the concerto ended, it took a few moments for me to realize I needed to stand up and bow. When I turned to face the audience, they were on their feet clapping and cheering wildly with tears running down their faces. I've never forgotten that experience! If this is what music can do on earth, what will it be like in Heaven?
David! This is a great discussion, could you put the word music in the title? We have so many music people on this firum I don't want people to miss this great post!
I'm tweeting this.

Viewers - thanks for retweets, I know they'll be a blessing to Dave! Thanks for sharing, Dave!

David's dream is of music ministry! What is your dream?
Our model is Jesus. And that means complete contempt for all that fallen nature has preferred to God; and so, indifference and detachment. For a follower of Christ, the goods of this world are not his master; he is not dominated by them. When, in the normal course of things, they come his way, he accepts them; when they do not, he does without them. He is superior to them - above them. His life has its source higher than these things; it has its center in God, who alone suffices for him, and is his sole good. I need hardly remind you that this unique center does not exclude other affections and activities; on the contrary, it includes them. The supernatural life is not a narrow and poor life; it is essentially wide and rich. It brings all within its scope, but all in order, everything in its place.
Hi Ivana,
I read your reply several times to connect its meaning to the topic of What Your Dream Is, and I'd love to read more of your thoughts on how your comment relates. And then if you will, please describe your dream (a.k.a. goals) and how it fits that whole picture.
Blessings, Dave
Hi Dave,
Two things come to mind:
1) I speak this out of my own experience and hope you find inspiration.
When I was young, music theory kept me from playing spontaneously, or playing from my heart. Life kept me away from the keyboard for 20 years; then the Lord brought me back to play, ministering to Him. Two or three years before playing again, He reminded me of the desire I had as a teenager to play freely from my heart...not bound to notes on paper. There were certain worship pieces that touched my heart so deeply, that I began to yearn for an opportunity to express my personal worship and love for Him.
One such song was by Terry Butler, "Breath of God".

Breathe on me, breath of God
My spirit yearns for You
Hide me in You fathering arms
Fill up my longing soul
Flood over me like a river my God
Immerse me in Your living stream
Awaken the song that You placed in my heart
Spirit, breathe on me
Spirit, breathe on me

When keyboarding became a reality, I prayed for the ability to play freely. And that is what developed. Now, I play from chord/lyric sheets or spontaneous worship.

2) I believe that God gives us the desire of our heart, in the sense of initially providing that desire (just as when He gives us a burden for missions, for example; and just as He gave me the desire to play for Him).

With that in mind, what is it in the hearts and souls of others that you are wanting or are being called to touch? What has the Lord laid upon your heart?

What precedes Zeph. 3:17 is a lot of pain; the pain of the Lord's heart and, consequently, pain that the people feel. Also is encouragement to look for mercy, and finally promise of future favor/prosperity. Verse 17 is speaking of what the Lord will do "in that day" (indicated in vs. 16).
16In that day it shall be said to Jerusalem, Fear thou not: and to Zion, Let not thine hands be slack.
17The LORD thy God in the midst of thee [thee=Jerusalem, in that day] is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.
Hi Judy,
Too bad the learning of theory turned you off. But I can tell from your comments you were being taught in the wrong order. You must FIRST be taught inner musicianship and artistry through DOING music BEFORE being taught THEORETICAL UNDERSTANDING. If you have no prior-developed inner musicianship, then the theoretical has nothing to connect with and is rendered meaningless. Music is an aural, aesthetic art form before it's a mental understanding.

I very much appreciate your description of how the Lord led you into the deep spirituality of music. I believe music to these depths is inside EVERY person. Some find music expression and talent automatically, while others need assistance. I do not believe there are the "haves" and "have nots." We are ALL made in God's Image and God's power and essence is sound-related.

What do I mean by this? We read in Genesis that God spoke, and it was so. But actually, I've been told the true meaning is a word we do not have in our English language, which is singing and speaking combined, similar to what C.S. Lewis wrote in the "Magician's Nephew" Chronicles of Narnia. And putting this together with the verses that say (1) God upholds all things with the power of His Word, and (2) there is the power of life and death in the tongue, we have quite an astounding revelation regarding music and language in the realm of sound.

I feel this is the very language of the heart of God and the language of the Holy Spirit in intercession (Romans 8:26) and that every Christian has the same within them and that we all should be communicating with God in His way (Zephaniah 3:17). Music is a communication that goes far above, deeper than, and beyond words.

OK, with that explanation in place, what is your dream?
My dream concerns "prayer" dream is MULTI-GENERATIONAL PRAYER

My passion and dream is to be in a place where children, youth, adults and the elderly are praying together for God's kingdom to come down to earth.

All I can think of is Jesus' prayer...."that we all be one"
Thanks for sharing your dream, Paige. Wow, that's a fascinating dream that I've never thought of.

And to Bryn Mawr (are you from Bryn Mawr, PA?), you're so right! No need to strain--just let the nuances flow through you as an open channel (the flow of the Spirit), like a totally cleared out storm drain free of all obstructions (the flesh). I am amazed with being an open channel. Sometimes I'm aware of all the nuances and feel the strength of what is happening and I'm on the floor weeping while still trying to play the piano, while other times I feel nothing and everyone in the sanctuary is down weeping. What is your dream?
Dave, I've heard you teach on how God spoke was a speaking and singing thing before. This time I saw a new angel and it finally clicked why my style of worship with flags is so effective both for myself and others. Kind of a well "duh" it's God's language so of course it works.
Sarah you already touch people with your words both written and spoken, even the personal musings you share privately have at times got me thinking. Seems we both crave words of affirmation. It also seems that the Lord wants me to hear the teaching of the love language and connection to wounding as this is second time in the last 24 hours that I have encounterd it. I also was wounded by a lack of affirming words. It's amazing how a simple "thank you" or "you're awesome 'cause you fixed my..." can so influence my attitude. BTW you're a really cool sister in the Lord!
For comments regarding my own dream or lack there of check under "Walking with God" . Mostly I simply desire to get through the day and bless someone while I am at it.
Dear Sarah,
Nice dream of affirming with words in whatever ways God brings across your path. I say, "Amen and Amen!" Did you know that positive words, even if said only once, keep blessing over and over, day after day, every time we recall them? Did you know they continue to do this, long after you may have forgotten you said them? Did you know a prayer is an affirming word to God Himself, and that prayers forever circle His throne room as sweet incense, long after you've forgotten you prayed them?
Dear Lisa,
You have acts of kindness for a love language, as Sarah's words of affirmation are her love language. Did you know a hug or fixing something causes the same ongoing blessings as do words of affirmation? The deed may have taken only a few moments, but the memory of it blesses forever. The blessing is renewed every time the recipient sees the fixed whatever. Nine years ago when I was really down, one of our teenagers sensed it and gave me a big hug. I have felt that hug thousands of times since then.
Unfortunately the negative in each of these cases (words and deeds) has the same ongoing negative results. I'm certainly glad God has taught us how to break the negative through always thinking on pure, perfect, and holy things, and pronouncing and enacting blessings even on our enemies.
Blessings, Dave
Dave, we're drifting off topic here but I am responding anyway. It is more that acts of service is others love language than it is mine. My gifting is helps and service so I often meet this need. Check out my respnse to Sarah regarding acts of service under Families and Relationships/i-am-accepted-in-the beloved. Sorry, I don't know how to get the link to show correctly.

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