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People are telling me they are on many sites and feeling overwhelmed. How can we be not just busy, but fruitful?

Our life can quickly fill up with activities.

We need to stop and think.

Am I just busy?

Or, am I being fruitful?

How do we know? How do we become fruitful?

Update on Easter - we have 36 replies and climbing! Many are extemely well thought out! Thanks for sharing!!!

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I agree, I am on too many sites! it is easy to join but then it is harder to say I am leaving your group!
I am looking forward to the response of others. I agree it is easy to join and it seems almost every time you join one site -a member of that site creates a separate site and invites you. To me it somewhat reflects some of the churches I attended. Someone has a great idea and begins a ministry -others join in only to soon begin their own is one thing to see ministry(ies) grow and develop --it's another to see everyone running off and doing their own thing...we are called to be one there should be connection and a working together.
I had started prayer for the persecuted church on a couple of sites...this helps keep me focused and extension of what I do offline. I am working on narrowing down the groups I join...this is difficult since so many are very interesting and it's exciting to many ways the Lord is working through people. Another plan (that I have not quite put into action) is assigning a day to each site and visit that site on that day only. I guess for me this is a work in progress.
As a facebook user, I see many people spending a lot of time on there doing pointless things...and I'm sure from what I see of other social sites the same thing happens there.
Much as in other areas of our lives, we need to prioritize and use discretion and self-control to not overindulge ourselves. The internet is much like going to a buffet and seeing all that is there and thinking that you have to eat everything.

It is probably important to seriously look at our involvement in different sites and decide what is fruitful. Reading the news is something I do daily online. I also check my emails. I check my facebook account and my kingdominsight many times a week, typically. On occasion I check them daily, or if there is an issue I am following I may do it several times a day. That does not automatically make them the best use of my time.

I can understand the way one can become "addicted" to a variety of sites as the craving for more is always with us. It is part of human nature.

I believe that we must become harsh on ourselves and wean ourselves from our addictions, our cravings for more. Be ruthless in judging whether all of the sites that we spend out time with are actually a benefit for us or if it is just 'extra weight' we are carrying. I cannot do that for you, nor would it be right for me to say what is best for you, just as I have no say in your diet or your exercise or your healthcare. However, if one feels that they are so busy they cannot fit all into their day that is there to do, obviously something must come under scrutiny and a decision made as to what will have to go.

Becoming more fruitful would come about in part by the wise use of time and effort; becoming more efficient in what consumes us. If I know I only have 20 minutes to devote to kingdominsight, I should not spend my time browsing new members and blogs and posts to which I know I will make no response. I should go directly to the point of my visit and make the best use of my time, and if there is extra time available, then use if for further browsing. Facebook tends to draw folks into more and more constantly, until hours pass and one is surprised to see how long the session has been active. Some folks sit and wait for a friend to come on or to respond to what has been said and pass hours that would be more useful elsewhere. Employees keep such social sites up as a page behind the work at hand, hoping for a comment or a response or some new quiz or questionnaire whose sole purpose is to give the user a sense of self-worth, effectively patting the ego and giving self-affirmation.

If our goal is to glorify our God and Father, then these are the things that should occupy our time, be it through our home life with our spouse and children and responsibilities that lie within, or through our time as an employee or worker or boss and owner of our own business. All things, internet included, must come under the scrutiny of its use and its potential control of our time and resources for the best use.
I am faced with the same dillemma as I feel pressed to stay on top of things but I should be spending more time on my business. I have been on the internet about these issues 4 hours this morning. And that is skating thru.

We have huge issues going on and I am not sure what to do. I am going to try to bookmark all the groups under Team Sarah and then instead of reading each e-mail individually, I can go on the page first thing in the morning and read/respond to or share thoughts on each group 1x . I don't know if this will work. I keep existing groups before I bookmark them.

This nation is in deep do do.

Did you watch Cavuto's sinterview with a reporter named Marshall. She said that they were not going to report the tea parties because not many people were interested in it. In essence, she is reporting what she wants to report particularly if it has an Obama slant to it.

I think we all have a responsibility to ask ourselves: "Is this (message, word, web site) really essential?"

I go back and forth to two other sites. The reason for this is I know there are non christians on this site, which I take advantage of by witnessing to them. i purposely ask non christians to my friend list, but do have christian friends as well. I send bible scripture everyday, perhaps this is the only scripture or love of Jesus they will see. the other site is more of a open forum for questions. I answer with the truth of Gods word, showing where in the bible I got the scripture from. It's amazing and heartbreaking what people believe to be truth. As soon as i learn my way around this site, you will be hearing from me more for fellowship.
I greet you in the name of our lord,am very glad for it has been my prayer for am a man full of vision,always i yarn to expand the kingdom of our lord,i know that through this site, we are not going to just stop at sharing information because we are in the last the Bible says'' the gosple of the kingdom will be preached to all nations'' MATHEW 24:14---.
For am ready to work with every men and women who are ready to reach the nations,for it says that those who will covert many will shine like stars.ISAIAH 60;1--,62:1---
I will be more greatful if we rise to serve the king of kings.
I find that I may join a site, but soon discover that I am far more fulfilled when I spend (invest) that time with the Lord. I am disabled with chronic pain and the Lord got us into a church plant 6 years ago. So my time with the Lord is oh so important. I fear that involvement with to many sites robs many of us of time with HIM.

I have unsubscribed from about 6 sites today. I join sites to find real people, with intellect, who have something important to say and who can carry on intelligent, well reasoned correspondence. There are some sites like that and this may be one of those (hopefully.)

I am unsubscribing from all sites where all sites are just posting videos and links to news articles or blogs. If I want news articles, I look for them myself. I join networks to hear the opinions and view the writing of the members. If they have nothing personally to contribute, I am not interested in seeing the last article by others that impressed them. I am unsubscribing from all sites where most "content" is such intellectual cotton candy.

I am also unsubscribing from a couple of minor party and anarchist sites where everyone is super nagative, the sky is falling, the government did 9/11, ad nauseum. At one time, I carefully refuted such hokum and provided optimistic programs to solve problems. Then, I realized that I was beating a tar baby. Most of that crowd does NOT want to solve problems. They want to wallow in those problems and brag to each other about how bad it is. There is a passage in scripture about not casting pearls before swine....
i greet you servant of God, I thank God who connected us and i hve got great vision and i have been asking God to connect me to people like you who are having vision.
for lets not stop from sharing what the lord has done but lets rise and serve our lord. MATHEW 24:14--,ISAIAH 60:1--,62:1--,
It will please God if we rise and serve him.
for ready to work with men and women who are going to come out to reach Nations
I am on a lot of sites as Juanita knows we are on the same sites.But I hope I make a contribution on all the sites I am on. I also realize I take part of the blame for what is happening in this country do to my looking the other way and allowing the take over of this country by the liberals. I was arrogant in the fact I always thought our country would remain the same and life would go on and now because of all our arrogance look what has happened. What ever part I can play on any site is worth it to me.
Iam not in too many web, but as a pastor iam busy that dose not mean i will not comment with orther people.

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