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The last sure sign of the Lord's return is street preaching - massive street preaching. Jesus said in Mt 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. In all the world means that it will be preached in the cities, suburbs, country, and on the oceans.

In the last 4-5 years, the Lord has be raising up THOUSANDS of preachers all over the world. They come from every denomination, every sect, and the independents too. They all have a similar story. They believe God has commanded them to preach.

I was at the NCAA finals in Atlanta in 2007, and to my great joy and surprise, there must have been 40 preachers surrounding the colliseum. They represented a cross section of Christianity. One had to take a number if one wanted to preach that night!

This has never happened before in the history of the church. There has always been the few preaching here and there, but never before has there been THOUSANDS at once. Each one testifying to God's direct leading to preach.

Jesus is doing a new work in our times, and it will usher in the Kingdom of God. In the verse above, after the gospel is preached in all the world, the end comes. It is the preaching that ushers in the Kingdom.

The church needs to know that they must not oppose what Jesus is doing in this day. God's wisdom is there, but not often seen. The focus of these discussions is to prepare the church for what God is doing, to instruct Christians on what God is doing and why.

Most people do not understand street preaching. They see a tumult and think that that can't possibly be of God. But they fail to remember that often Jesus preached and riots ensued. Three times the crowds tried to kill him before they succeeded. Many times when the apostles preached there were riots, arrests, and beatings. The tumult is the very thing through which the Lord works.

Remember this: 1Co 1:21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

Please come over to the Open Air Ministry Group, join, and learn more about street preaching.

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This is an excellent message on the "the gospel of the Kingdom of God". Message


   Great news! A Grand Jury renderd a decision this week after hearing evidence presented by the prosecution against Dan Pollion - insufficient evidence to indict! For those who are unaware, a grand jury is like a regular jury, though they hear only from the prosecution. They then render either a decision to indict which leads to a full jury trial or they render insufficient evidence and no indictment. These are generally one-sided affairs as there is no defense given, the rule of thumb is that if a prosecutor cannot convince a grand jury then their case is awfully weak and charges are usually dropped. This is exactly what happened with Dan! We had two Sinclair College students, unassociated with us, testify on Dans behalf that there was no punch thrown and no resistance. The arresting officer and an additional witness on his behalf, a young student who happens to be going through the school security training program on his way to becoming a Sinclair College Officer, had conflicting stories of what happened. Praise God! Truth has prevailed!
    This bodes well for the three of us who have trials coming up in what looks like will be the first week of October. Please keep us in prayer as we prepare for that - Caleb Green is facing trespassing and disorderly conduct misdemeanor charges, Candace Knapscheaffer is facing a misdemeanor trespass charge, and I am facing a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge. No charges have been filed against Katie Carroll, the fifth member of our group arrested.
     Here is the official online documentation from the county in Dayton regarding Dans charges:
Clerk of Courts
Gregory A. Brush
Public Records Online System Version II
Case Summary Criminal
Prelim Case #: 09CRA5520 Defendan:t DANIEL POLLION
DOB: 15-JUN-80 Capture Status: 2215 LEE HILL ROADCAROMI 48723
Jurisdiction: DMC Charge: 2903.13(A)(PO)
Description: ASSAULT (PO) Degree of Offense: F4
Arrest Date: Prosecutor:
Judge: MICHAEL T. HALL SSN: Not Displayed
Case Information
File Date: 21-MAY-09
Status: CLOSED
Additional Information
Case Comments
Charge Action Indicted Chrg Amended Chrg Disposition Disp Date Counts
Disposition Comment
Jason Storms

We love the old saints, missionaries, martyrs, and reformers. Our Luthers, Bunyans, Wesleys and Asburys, etc... We will write their biographies, reverence their memories, frame their epitaphs, and build their monuments. We will do anything except imitate them. We cherish the last drop of their blood, but watch carefully over the first drop of our own.” - A. W. Tozer
Check out Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism

Mitch Preaching 

For those who follow my campus preaching ministry, here is my latest journal.
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A fellow I preached with last year was in the news yesterday. Pastor Gibson is a remarkable man, and a bold witness for Christ. He has been arrested many times for preaching in the open air. To one who loves the Lord with all their heart, being arrested is not a deterent, it is a badge of honor:

Ac 5:40 And to him they agreed: and when they had called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go.
41 And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name.
42 And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.

Bro - I understand that you were challenged a couple times lately when you were preaching! But, they had to let you preach... can you share???
Juanita said:
Bro - I understand that you were challenged a couple times lately when you were preaching! But, they had to let you preach... can you share???

Well, Juanita, in the last couple of weeks, I've been confronted on three campuses, Mansfield, Lock Haven, and Cornell, and I think I just missed being hassled in Ithaca Commons. The first was Mansfield. Shortly after I started to preach, the police showed up and took me aside. They began to try to intimidate me to stop preaching. They trotted out several bogus reasons: people did not want to hear, my speaking was disturbing the peace, I needed permission in order to preach, etc. I stood firm on each attempt to intimidate me into quiting. I told them that I had checked before I came on campus and that I was told the campus was an open free speech campus. They wanted to know who I asked. I told them, but I could not remember what the individual's relationship to the univesity was. As it turns out, he was on the Board of Trustees.

As the confrontation continued, they began to waver as they saw that I could not be cowed into submission. Finally, seeing their lack of confidence, I saw my moment and struck. I told them I would not use some of the more volatile words that I sometime use, and that I would verify with my Trustee friend about the status of the school after I was done. Then unless they intended to arrest me, I was going to go back over to the quad and finish out the day preaching. They said, "Well, okay then", as if I had been put into my place instead of the other way around. I finished out the day, and when I checked, I was in the right entirely.

The next time I went out on Mansfield, an officer showed up, but only to watch. Later I spoke to my contact, and learned that he had spoken to the chief of security and was assured that the school was open. This is usually the reception on many campuses that are unfamiliar with this kind of ministry.

The next run in was much more benign. At Lock Haven, the officers came out right after we started to preach. I immediately started up my video camera (a street preachers best friend, officers lie, Sony does not). When he saw the camera, he quickly made sure we knew that he was not trying to shut us down. He only wanted for us to tone down the volume because there were open windows in the adjacent office building. We tried to tone it down, but when the crowd gets involved, the noise level goes way up. After several warnings, after I started to preach, the officer asked us if we would move to another location nearby. Since we always try to cooperate with authorities,until they cross the line and try to deny us our protected free speech rights, we agreed to move over in front of an auditorium. As it turned out, this location was a superior location acoustically. We finished out the day, and the next day at the secondary location. This encounter was not unique, but close to it.

The third confrontation was at Cornell. I began to preach on Ho Plaza and within 15 minutes an officer drove up and informed me that Cornell is a private school. Knowing the law, I knew there are no free speech rights on private property. I agreed to stop, and to look into getting the necessary permit. However, as I learned later in the day, and as I verified online, Cornell is a land grant school set up and financed by the state. With this revelation, the next day, I contacted the Alliance Defense Fund to see about legal action against the school. I have not heard back yet from the ADF.

After I was thrown off campus at Cornell, I had some time to kill. I went downtown to the Ithaca Commons and checked it out. It is a closed T shaped neighborhood, very quaint. They however have a history of harassing preachers. Twice in the last couple of years they have been sued in federal court and lost. The most recent was a permanent injunction against the city, and any and all people associated with the city in any way, forbidding the city to interfere with preachers using unamplified voices. I wondered if they would be so stupid as to engage in contempt of court the third time.

I started out with a very vanilla, even bland, message and preached for a little over an hour. Since there were not a lot of people in the Commons at that time of day, I did not get anything going. In reality I was testing the waters. It was hot and I was sweating like a Democrat on Judgment Day, so I stopped preaching and sat down to cool off before I headed home. No more than 3 minutes later, I spied an officer hustling up the Commons looking around for something. I figured it was me. I guess the answer to my question above is yes, they are that stupid. I plan on going back to the Commons and preaching, possibly on a weekend.

Confrontations with police are rare at those venues where preaching has been going on for some time. But at places where there has not a lot of preaching, police opposition is frequent. We preachers know how to handle the authorities, but even so, most of the preachers have several arrests under our belts. They are our medals, our crowns. To have suffered for Christ in such a way is a very precious thing.

A couple of years ago I was arrested in Westerville, Ohio. While sitting in the holding cell, I had a very pleasant conversation with the officer who arrested me. He asked me if I had ever been arrested before. I am sure he was looking at my "record" on the computer screen. I told him I'd been arrested several times. He said, "I guess the threat of arrest is not much of a deterrant for you, is it?" I told him no, we preachers consider an arrrest as a badge of honor.

It is very much a blessing to be counted worthy to suffer for the sake of our Lord and Savior.

Ybor City business owners seek ban on bullhorns and megaphones:
`..... But street preacher Larry Keffer said that's a smokescreen, and the religious messages are what's annoying businesses. 'Some people have issues with amplified speech but they don't seem to have issues with the amplified music coming out of the clubs,' said Keffer, of the Biblical Research Center, who can often be found on Seventh Avenue . 'I think the content is exactly what the people of Ybor need. They need to hear what God believes of their behavior. They need to be warned about the judgement that's to come.'.........'

Anti-Gay Street Preacher and Cohort Arrested:
The police insisted; so did the Baptist demonstrators; Pettigrew and Ball were placed under arrest, but upon their release they headed right back to the same spot to resume their street preaching. Said Pettigrew, 'We weren't going to let them bully us into going home.'

What crime did street preacher commit?:
`I have to admit that I was angered when I read of the arrest of Joseph Tomasino for preaching too loudly. He has been charged with disorderly conduct, and I truly hope and pray that he beats the rap......'

Street preacher arrested in UK :
Mr Miguel read from Romans 1 to 6, which deals with sexual orientation. Mr Kon said this case is similar to that of Pastor Harry Hammond, who held anti-homosexuality placards in Bournemouth Square whilst reciting from the book of Revelation, and was later issued with a public order offence.

(Interesting that someone how writes for the New Orleans Saints uses STREET PREACHERS on Bourbon Street in his articles)

As Bush Comes to Shove: Reggie Primed To Silence Critics in 2009:
'.....Last Saturday night, those Bourbon Street preachers were shouting from the rooftops that,' steel is strengthened in the fire! In the fire!' And when is the last time one of those guys was ever wrong about anything? Although, on occasion, a few of them eventually succumb to the temptations the street has to offer....'

California Gold Rush: Saints Bring Heat In 45-7 Win Over Oakland :
'....The aggressive play of the defense had Gregg William's philosophy stamped all over it from beginning to end. Alpha and Omega!- as those Bourbon Street preachers say. Alpha and Omega!......'


Bornstein: Weapon of choice against God-fearing preachers:
“Let’s make a list of everyone God hates, shall we? God hates: Fags, Jews, Greeks, Feminists, Jayhawks, Liberals, Conservatives, America , you, me and everyone we know. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but you get my gist. God hates everyone, or so people such as Brother Jed preach……”

Speaking Up About Speaking Out:

“Last week our campus was visited by what some might call a hellfire and brimstone street preacher. He showed up belching hatred and garnered the anger, mockery or disdain of nearly everyone he encountered. I saw many of our students not just challenging his ideas, as he was just as vocally challenging theirs…..”">

Hatred Unacceptable on Campus:

“…….Above all, I implore our administration to screen more carefully the message of those they allow to speak on our campus. Religious preachers are not necessarily bad to have on campus. But those who spread hatred, religious or not, need to be looked out for and kept off our campus. Hatred is not conducive to a educational atmosphere and it certainly isn't conducive for outstanding students.”">

Preacher Rains Hellfire on Shawnee State Campus:

“……..While students strongly disagreed with what Mays was saying there was never a shortage of people surrounding the man. With such shocking responses and statements, Mays was able to provoke emotions and create dialogue among students; he was able to achieve exactly what he wanted--to be heard…..”">

Formerly banned street preacher starts semester as a student:

“……On Aug. 24, Faulkner, also known as "Brother Larry," spent the day registering for classes and going through freshman orientation as he prepared to start his college career as a communication major with an emphasis on public relations……”">

Pirates hold non-theist demonstration:

“……McCreight said students should speak up when they do not agree with what some on-campus preachers say. "Our main goal is to let people know that it's okay to criticize religion especially if it's saying things that you think are hateful or ridiculous. You don't have to be quiet just because it's a religious topic," said McCreight……”

Why Street Preachers Make Me Sick “I must admit that I don’t fully understand the calling of a street preacher. I’m referring to those people who stand on the corner and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I understand that it is a form of evangelism. They are trying to draw souls towards Christ. Nonetheless, there are a large number of street preachers that just flat out make me sick…..”

THE STREET PREACHER: A street preacher stands aggressively on the sidewalk, with a bible in one hand, shouting holy scriptures at passerbyers. People rush past him trying not to make eye contact so they can continue on their busy way. Oblivious to the lack of response or perhaps passionate about his message, he continues to preach...and preach...and preach.

American street preacher wins his free speech case : Jesse Morrell, a 24-year-old with a ministry of traveling to college campuses to preach the Gospel, has won a settlement with the city of New Haven, Conn., to resume calling students to repentance on the streets near Yale University, reports Baptist Press…….”
Thank you! Wow~!
Friends, here is a great compendium of articles and letters from all around the world. This truly is morphing into a movement destined to turn the world upside down. Some of this is duplicate of the one I posted above, but there is a lot of new stuff.
Any current news on StreetPreaching? Since I 'are' one, too, I like to know!

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YWAM Evangelists Walk Thru 
'Critical Area' with 12-foot Cross Dispelling Old Fears! 
muddy road 


Friends - 

     Our School of Evangelism (SOE) team has completed it's fifth of six legs (666 KMS - 414 miles in 27 days) of it's 800 kms walk with the 12-foot Cross while preaching around the Island of Samar by pressing continually Northward past the end of the highway from ARTECHE, EAST SAMAR to CATARMAN, NORTH SAMAR dispelling rumors that this is a "no go" area containing "remnant communist critical elements."
     Since the founding of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Philippines in the '72-'74 no team has journeyed into this corner of the island until now. "The freedom to preach, and witness was like anywhere else in the country. The people welcomed us and the Cross as expected," said Mitch Metzger, SOE Team Leader. 

green trail highway

 "Un-finished National Highway" in Barangay Lo-ok, Lapinig, 
Northern Samar, Philippines 
      analiza cross
jonalyn cross 



     VOLUNTEER'S Analiza Jabelo and Jonalyn Sauro from the YWAM Calbayog Center joined us for this six days. Shown above, you can see they even took their share of carrying the cross for limited distances. 


beach preach


PREACHING AT THE BEACH: While taking a rest after a long day of walking, kids started to curiously gather around us here in MAPANAS, NORTHERN SAMAR. We decided to preach again. See BEACH PREACH VIDEO BELOW...

chohu kids street

     TONS OF KIDS: Everywhere we go there are always tons of kids, especially CHOHU. CHOHU gets the biggest crowds of kids. The vast majority of them have NEVER SEEN A BLACK PERSON BEFORE except on TV! So we maximized on his attraction to preach continually to kids both "in and out of season."  


beer tract 

rhum bottles
BEER AND RHUM: THE SINS OF THE PROVINCE - While Fidel was preaching near Mondragon,  Northern Samar, I passed out literature to the crowd including placing this gospel tract 'strategically' over the top of someone's beer glass. The time was 7AM and the guy was drinking beer for breakfast. You've got to watch this video on ALCOHOL AND FUNERALS BELOW...   


NEXT School of Evangelism 
Mitch PreachingOur next scheduled 24-week School of Evangelism (SOE) starts September 27th, 2009 until March 26th, 2010 and again from July - December 2010; January to July 2011; and Sept 2011 until March 2012. The SOE consists of 12-weeks of lecture and 12-weeks of outreach.
Outreach location for 2010 is <pending> the six islands surrounding GUIUAN and the 100+ villages near CAN-AVID, EASTERN SAMAR, PHILIPPINES.  
Cost (non-Filipino): $1,500 (lecture) and $900 (outreach). Includes all food, housing, materials, transport etc. 
*YWAM 24-week Discipleship Training School (DTS) is required first. 
mitch pose close

      SOE Website 

      SOE Applications

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Keep in touch as you are able!
On the Move,

Mitch Metzger
Youth With A Mission Philippines
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Mitch and Liberty Metzger by following the link below:
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Main Featured Video  
Missionaries Set New Records for YWAM Philippines 
1040 map 
This is a collection of our best videos and photos of the week as we continued past the end of the Highway reaching th
 666KM point.

True Repentance Illustrated 

fighting cocks for sale
When Rooster-Cock Fighter-Gamblers become Christians:    
     I have spend over 20 years preaching across the Philippines and one of the BIGGEST SINS IN THE PROVINCE is ROOSTER COCK-FIGHTING-GAMBLING.
 (Graphic, Blood)
     The environment is clearly an environment of gambling, coveteousness, smoking, vanity, alcohol abuse, violence, money waisting and God hating. There certainly is NO FEAR OF GOD in the area.
(Graphic, Blood)
     This video was shot on location near MONDRAGON, NORTHERN SAMAR to illustrate what Rooster-Cock Fighters/Gamblers (Sabong owners, participants, lovers, idolaters) will not be able to escape doing IF THEY WANT TO SURRENDER TO THE LORDSHIP OF JESUS CHRIST AND BECOME CHRISTIANS.

cock fighting

 Taken from the Scripture in Acts 19:18-19.
Brother Mitch
Quick Links to Mitch 
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Mitch Preaching
Mitch Preaching
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muddy boots
     Perhaps this is the worst my boots have ever been punished in 1,700KMS! The mud of BRGY. LO-OK,  LAPINIG, N. Samar was intense. See featured video links above. 
 blister toe
     Jong Mercado suffered the most upon hitting the 600KM mark. His blisters were so bad he needed to take motorcycle for five walking days. 
approaching mapanas
     Although the poverty of Northern Samar is intense, it really is a beautiful place like this view approaching the Municipality of Mapanas, Northern Samar.
strong arm guy
     We met this young guy on the highway