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digital harp

"Dancing with the Harpella" was recorded

in Jerusalem at the Ramat Rachel

conference facility

as a spontaneous expression of worship.

The improvised dance enhances the visual

and sonic beauty of the Harpella,

a new electronic harp whose acrylic body

resonates with the colors of the rainbow.

For more information on the Harpella

please visit

or email

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Why is it so important for you to COMMENT?  When you WRITE, you bless others.

     When someone writes and you COMMENT, the writer knows that you have heard what was said and encourages the writer to write more!  When you COMMENT, you have to think more deeply about what was written.   This helps increase learning and retention, benefiting the WRITER and COMMENTER!

      Let's increase LEARNING through INTERACTING!

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Living Christ-7 Devotions

1. Love God and Live Christ
2. Love Our Neighbor as God loves Us
3. Go make Disciples of all Nations beginning at home
4. Apostles Teaching- Share in  Understanding the Word
5. Fellowship - Koinonia- Build Intentional, Christ-Centered Loving Relationships
6. Breaking of Bread- Eating Together- Share our Daily Lives with one another
7. Prayer- Share in Prayer

Life Pillars  Authorities

 Disciple         Sacred
 Marriage         Social
 Family   Civic-UPDR
 Church            Market

5 Gateway Skills

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