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What is He saying to your heart?
We all want to gain insight on how to build His Kingdom! What areas areas of building His Kingdom are you most interested in?

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Thanks for being part of this community and working to extend the Kingdom of God!!!
Most importantly - share: What is God saying to you??!!!!???

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Amen sister in Christ,

In the Word of God it says " Till we all come in the UNITY of the faith" Key word is Till, meaning perhaps not then, but in time yes. Unity is number one. The Word of God also speaks of " being in one accord" meaning UNITY. Many people working together as one.We all have different gifts , given to us by the father. It is when we are able to use all our gifts together that we become in one accord, and it is then the power of God will fall. The body of christ= Christ as the head- some are thearms, fingers,legs, and feet, etc. If one part of the body is weak, it is hindered. We must always lift each other, and praise God in all things.
Hello KingdomInsight!
Happy to be a part of the community.... What is God saying to me? God is telling me that we as Christians (including myself) can no longer be comfortable with mediocracy. We need to act like we know. We are to seize the moments we have to become the best in all we do - on our jobs, in our homes, with our friends and in our respective church circles. If it means staying up later at night, so be it... if it means staying a little later on the job, so be it... if it means turning off the TV, so be it... but our actions must be designed to move us closer to our Lord and Saviour... Recall what Jesus said in Luke 17 - "Even so you also, when you have done all the things that are commanded you, say, ‘We are unworthy servants. We have done our duty.’"... WE must go beyond the call of duty in all aspects of our lives to move closer to the day when we will here those wonderful words, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant!"

- What God is saying to me
I would like to Pray for others.Also if possible join chat groups and know more people.may GOD Bless You and Guide You
We have to us e the modern technology for the spread of GOSPEL.In everything we do, we have to make sure that the name of OUR LORD JESUS IS GLORIFIED
Ralph said:
Juanita, the Lord's work (which admittedly I do badly, but hopefully better than nothing) keeps me so busy that were I to try to report a fraction of it I wouldn't have time to do it! That said, let me share one small vignette. Remember the Parable of the Good Samaritan?

Of course, it has iconic status!

But here is something that delights many religiously serious Christians to learn.

There are 730 Samaritans still living strictly according to their most ancient Scriptural traditions, in the Holy Land. Their community is equally divided between Tel Aviv and the Biblical Mt. Gerizim ("The Mountain of Blessings") outside of Nablus (anciently Schechem).

Their High Priest is the direct descendant of Aaron, the brother of Moses, and thus Moses' great Nephew and one of the thrills of my life was receiving his blessing at his residence near the summit of the Mountain of Blessings.

It is my honor to be the Jewish member of the Samaritan Medal Committee -- a committee composed of Samaritan leader Benyamim Tsedaka, our chairman, two Christians, and a Moslem gentlemen. We award the Samaritan Medal each year for acts of peace-bringing and humanitarianism. If you find this of interest (and there is much more than I can take the time to report, here and now), you are invited to visit the website, to learn more.

Thank you for inviting me to share a little ray of sunshine with which the Lord has blessed me. I am uploading a file of the High Priest bestowing his most ancient and precious blessing on me.

Thanks for sharing. I will check it out! God bless you!
cotton essex said:
Well Juanita i got a call that came in from Indiana that said that it was urgent and I should make my funeral arrangements and you know something? I have news for whoever called. God tells me to do what I am doing and he also tells me that no weapon raised against us will prevail, and no weapon will prevail. I don't listen to satan I listen to God and satan bows a knee to God, God doesn't bow one to him. That is what God is saying to me today. They also stressed immediate but God is immediate Juanita and he tells us do not fear. So satan in the name of my Holy God, in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, SATAN GET BEHIND ME!

Cotton... that is so heavy. But, God is giving you grace. AMEN!!!
What God has really been placing on my heart lately is that He wants His people to move from just praying
the word to decreeing His Word. Decree a thing and it shall be established (Job 22: 21-28). Scripture says
that when we abide in the Word, we will be able to declare things and watch heaven respond. When we abide
in the Word, we enter into agreement with the Word; by praying the Word, proclaiming the Word and practicing
the Word (obedience). The Spirit of God moves when there is agreement with the Word of God. I know that
since I have started decreeing the Word, my husband and I are seeing breakthrough in our family. This past
Sunday our daughter and son-in-law rededicated their lives to the Lord. My children have been backslidden
for about 10 years. I can't even describe the joy my husband and I felt when we received that phone call
Sunday night. When we acknowledge Him as our Mighty Warrior, He will fight for us. He is the Lord, mighty
in battle.
God is always speaking...but He has been burdening me deeply by showing me His heart that aches for an entire generation that is being lost. The youth and young adults are becoming extinct and dis-engaged from the heart of God. And HE is saying..."how will they know, if nobody tells them?" And God is aching for thier devotion. And He is saying it is time to raise up the children and youth...He is saying to equip them as His endtime army.

In hearing and feeling the ache of God's heart...and hearing the clarion call, I have been equiping and raising up children and teens...and I see the need throughout the body of Christ. God has had me focused on teaching children and youth...teaching them how to tend the fire of God that burns passionately in their to hear Him, and to pray, as His end time army is a generation that knows that God's house is a house of prayer and not hypocrisy and distraction...and how to walk daily with God as Enoch once walked, beside God.

I have seen the cloud the size of a fist...and the rain is coming. Many have waited, and even cried for rain on a dry parched land...and the rain is coming. It will wash the dust off...God is about to shake the dust off of His Bride.

In order to see the fist sized cloud God is working on His people's eyesight. He is removing hinderences...And He is removing flesh.
I recently spoke to someone about how I see an area inside the churches for classes on how to "kill Adam". "Killing Adam classes"...where good Christians who loves Jesus surrender every area of flesh over to God. I see long checklists that note sinful natures...and I see Christians one by one "killing thier Adam nature" and walking in victory.

I am actually writing two named "Killing Adam"...which is a growth opportunity to surrender flesh and gain more of God. And I have written and am using a self written curriculam for teaching children and youth prophetic and prayer. Fun things like "bubble gum prayer" and "prophetic red rover"....where the kids learn these things while having fun.
Hey...just there a place in this community for children and youth? It would be great :) What can I do to help?
Well, I'm not very good at explaining myself, so if those who read this find themselves saying HUH?; they shouldn't feel bad.

I know that God has used me in the past, and to me that's both an awesome, yet fearful thing at the same time.
The Lord has blessed me with the ability to "write" songs that He has given me to write.
He has also blessed me with other musical blessings as well.

He has given me a desire to invent and re-invent different things, and to streamline "office type" procedures. Even to the point of writing some computer programs.
The invent and re-invent, as well as the streamlining and computer programming, all have the same underlying purpose; to simplify things.
This same foundational basis , carries over into my walk with the Lord and what, I believe, He would have me do; and that's to keep the Gospel message simple.
It seems that somewhere along the line, well-meaning Christians have added their own interpretation of what one needs to do to be saved.
What I find to be rather unique, is that for me to get back to the simple Gospel, requires research to be done on my part.
God, as always, gives me that desire.

I cannot take credit for any of what He has given me to do; I can however, say that I enjoy doing what He asks me to do!
The Lord has been speaking to me about developing effective strategy to share prophetic insight. I am working on a series of projects that are designed to help us effectively communicate the timely word of The Lord to the nations. God is releasing vital instruction and prophetic direction to His children. It is imperative that we spread The word of The Lord immediately.
Ryan LeStrange said:
The Lord has been speaking to me about developing effective strategy to share prophetic insight. I am working on a series of projects that are designed to help us effectively communicate the timely word of The Lord to the nations. God is releasing vital instruction and prophetic direction to His children. It is imperative that we spread The word of The Lord immediately.


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