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Jose - can you kick it off? I know God has done some things in YOUR life lately -- it is marvelous to see!

I will begin by apologizing for not being able to list all the ways in which God has touched my life, as "my" list is endless. One example that comes to mind is when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I remember being very afraid for my daughter, as I witnessed the pain in her face when her eyes would fill with tears. God carried us all through this horrible time in our lives and today I am able to bear witness of his unconditional LOVE ...and the miracle he worked in me when He healed me. Amen.

When I look at Jose's picture I see a promising young man who seems to have a genuine desire to serve the Lord and allow Him to continue to work miracles in his own life.

Jose, may you always be enlightened as you continue to walk with the Lord.

May God Bless You "Always" "all" ways!

"Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you."

Psalm 9:10
I have a friend who has cancer, and the cancer is pretty bad. This friend is putting his trust in Christ as he walks step by step through this process. I don't know how he'd be getting through this without Christ in his life.
I was recently talking with someone who knew you before Christ in your life. They didn't say a lot about you but mentioned that didn't think you were a Christian. Glad to hear that Christ is now in your life.
What has God done in my life? Lots of things. He brought me into the church I currently attend. I have gone through some very difficult things and at times utterly questioned the authority and leadership abilities of these people. Whoever said said salvation means and easier life was mislead. Salvation means a better life but it does not mean that the walk will be easy. Through the difficult times with my chruch I have learned to forgive. I have also learned to handle anger differently, at least some of the time. I am now much more likely to step back and think about how to respond to a situation. Numerous times I have watched the Lord provide financially. Sometimes it is the job that enables me to pay all of the bills at the end of the month. Other times it is the tip that totals the amount I need to give for tithe. When I first started seriously tithing, I would discover that I always had extra at the end of the week if there was going to be a special offering. This never happened on weeks with only the normal offering. As I matured in the Lord this has changed. The Lord now expects me to be aware of what is going on and plan for any offering.
GOD has been good to me .Whatever difficulties I had to face HE was with me and Guided me.HE is the person who LOVES ME THE MOST.Last year my father left this world to go to the HEAVENLY HOME.During these difficult days when my father was ill and when he died it was the Grace of GOD that sustained and helped usMy LORD and MY GOD, How Kind and Merciful you have been to me
:) Yes God has touched my heart and I feel great !
What he has done for me is helped me find peace in my heart and that in consequence has made me feel better and want to do everything I can to advance his Kingdom,and follow him closer.
God has always been there but I always refused to open up to him and let him lead, my pride or my own person always wanted to take I just let God take the wheel and lead me to were he wants me to go! And I am so glad he does.
Since then I am way way more involved in my church,and have found new friends more like Brothers now and that is all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ that before I did not have or maybe I did not allow in my life. There is so much that he has done in me and he continues to do that i would never end typing :)
I praise God for loving me and everyone that accepts him!
Hi, I grew up in a Bible believing church, but didn't meet Jesus in a personal way until I was 28. What He taught me is that the Holy Spirit who authored His Word will bring me face to face with the dichotomy of my life choices and the truth of His Word.

What joy it is to know that even in the "storms" of life, you have a faithful and powerful companion who will never leave you, forsake you, and capable of bringing you safely through any situation.

I think Paul's advice to "study to show yourself an approved workman" and James advice not to be double minded go hand in hand. God is trustworhty, so learn to trust Him when life doesn't make sense. His Word is truth, so when you need wisdom for decision making, seek Him in His Word, and Your Holy Companion will show you wisdom, and give you strength to obey that wisdom.

My journey has been from heretic to preacher - and the journey is not yet done. God is faithful and renews joy everyday as I walk with Him. This joyful journey can be your experience also, as you trust and obey.

Pastor Dave
My beloved brethren in christ,the best thing had ever happend to me is knowing our Lord Jesus christ i will remain fathful to Him all my life.He picked me up from hip of rubish of and anoit me with His oil of forgiveness.I was born in farmily of idol worshiping and my father begat me when was (99) ninty nine years by then he was a chife priest though he had two other sons from deffent women, when I was born he was very happy and this made him to inciate me me into idol worshiping afther 4 four days of my birth from then I became some thing dangerous I the the devil 33 thirty three years before christ picked me up raw and rotten and then He have faithful to me.I want to know this that if calling was by voting iam sure my mother would have not voted me but thank God who choosed even when I was in my mothers womb glory be to God.Anoyher thing that Iwant to share is that on 20th of Dec. 2008 when I was planing to all the retired ministers,late ministers wives and other widows around area. this I use to this every year from 2006 till now,Isome armed robbers came to my house saying that they were paid to kill me but our good Lord protected my life though i was whithin the primesis I know He lives and I know He rules in the kingdom that superceeds every other kingdom praise God I have too many things to say but that will be next time. Rev. silas c. nwogbe
My spiritual birthday is Dec. 16th 1979. I was 33 years old at the time. I will be 63 this coming June. I 've been a Christian for almost half my life. I was a drunkard, doper, a compulsive gambler and a lot of other things that I'm not very proud of today. But by God's grace HE delivered me. I've been in ministry almost from the day HE saved me. I pastor South Pointe Baptist Church in Pelzer, SC. For a more detailed testimony go to and click on "biography". To God be the glory great things HE hath done, so loved HE the world that HE gave us His SON, .... AMEN !!!
PRAYERS NEEDED!!! Please help us...

Please remember tomorrow, May 7th, 2009, is National Prayer Day!!!

The theme this year is “Prayer …America’s Hope” and is based on the verse from Psalm 33:22 which states: “May your unfailing love rest upon us, O Lord, even as we put our hope in you.”

Tomorrow, millions will unite in prayers as thousands of events will take place from coast to coast.


Let us all unite in prayers for our nation, tomorrow – May 7th, 2009.

God Bless You,

Currently He is working out some rejection issues. Helping me to see some things that I had previously missed. Still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing. Meanwhile the friend of a friend has recently come to the Lord. So glad that I continued to accept someone I wanted to hurt and got to hear the news.
There are just too many things to list, so I will share one thing by random selection.

He has filled the lonely holes in my heart. Being a single mom/grandmom is often a unique and strange place to be because I truly believe each of us have such a different situation and family dynamic. My lonely places were exposed to me the most on Sundays. Sitting alone in a very large santuary full of couples really brought out the empty places in my heart where I longed for companionship.

Christ, in all his bigheartedness and wisdom, saw how those empty places were a distraction for me and provided for me the opportunity to being serving for both services on Sunday mornings at our main campus - which required me to attend a much smaller campus on Saturday nights so I could still attend worship services. The folks at the smaller campus have really embraced me and it feels like a family there. I am also able to serve there frequently and my daughters can attend the service with me and we get to discuss the message at dinner afterwards.

Not only has he filled my lonely holes, but he has blessed me with new friends, new serving opportunities and the opportunity to share with my children in ways that were not possible before. He always knows what I need more than I do.

A year ago I absolutely felt companionship was a huge priority because I was lonely and missed it so much in my life. Today, my companion is Christ and His Spirit is overflowing every one of those holes that were empty.

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