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Our topic is Visitor Retention.

What good does it do to see a harvest go to waste because it is not properly gathered into the barn and cared for.

Since most churches only retain 5% of their visitors... 95% of the harvest is left outside. It doesn't have to be this way.

You will find discussion where you can share your insight!

This is the place to connect to others who are trying to learn how to be effective in bringing in the harvest!

As you make progress toward your goals, share and rejoice with those who share!

How to start:
1. Introduce yourself on the Hang Out discussion.
2. Contribute to the Hang Out discussions.
3. Comment on other people's discusions.

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Jerry Hartman said:
Visitor Retention has three major phases.
1. Greeting and treating guests right so they are comfortable with their first visit. This is extending God's welcoming hand. The studies we use in Kingdom's Visitor Retention Program show that most visitors make the decision to return for a second visit within the first seven minutes from the time the drive in the parking lot. There are seven ministries that effect that decision. Each one has to be "guesturized" to a high degree. It is about making them feel welcomed and cared for.

2. Getting guest to return for a 2nd and 3rd visit. This involves ways to send the message that we really care about them and invite them to come back. That is why in the sessions we spend two week developing a quality follow-up system.

3. Now that guests are now regular attenders we need to get them involved in the ministries, small groups and Sunday School so that their connection is deep. It is about developing relationships with God and with God's people. It is also about making the church "their church". There is a whole series of activities and ministries developed in the visitor retention program to enable new people to grow deep into the church quickly. The goal is for them to stay a long time and become fully engaged in the church, not just attend it. These people also are some of the best at inviting new people to church. The visitor retention program turns into a major outreach program.

This is a quick summary that takes 12 sessions in the visitor retention program to fully develop. It is a blessing to see the churches that are in the program now developing their visitor retention programs and see the harvest stay in their church. They are growing, and they are growing by reaching the unchurched.
The program is really effective. I would like to see you incorporate praying for the first, second, and returnee's also as part of the program. I noticed that it is not mentioned in the first six sessions. Nothing happens without prayer.
Thanks so much, Pastor Joe, for sharing your thoughts on prayer. I AGREE WITH YOU 100%!!! That's why we start every VRP session with prayer and end each one with prayer. Hopefully every VRP participant follows our example as well when presenting VRP in their church meetings. Prayer is there by example and even there as the first step successful churches do to initiate change (session 2, slide 13), but I really appreciate your suggestion of saying it PLAINLY in every session--we all need constant reminders!
Blessings, Dave


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