Creating a Learning Network for Community Builders!

1.   Going to W.A.R.  W= Watchdog

      As part of being W=Watchdog, what local issues connect directly to the American Standards? Please create and submit a list.   

      We also need to get Don's thoughts on this.  

      We want to create a robust list!   I want to use the list to test some round table discussions with people in the community to see if they can 'figure out', using the American Standards, what a good answer is to liberty issues.
2.   Going to W.A.R.  A= Advocate.   Training is part of advocacy.
    The link below is to the cliff-notes version that we will expect people, including youth, to use to train others.  Please review and write any comments in the document if you have suggestions!
3.    Going to W.A.R.  Resources.  Tee Shirts and Hats.
     How do you like the new logo that Paul designed?   I will be preparing to order some tee shirts and hats.  Does anyone have a good source for these?   Also, if anyone can 'chip in' for our starter supply, I would appreciate it.  I'd like to order about 20 shirts in a few sizes and 20 hats, getting them here by September 1.    I will be putting together the expectations for earning shirts/hats and will submit that back to you for input.  If we start to get a lot of participants, we may want to consider a crowd funding model to keep the shirts and hats in stock.  I'd love to have that problem!!!
For tweeting or sharing.
Sick of loss of liberty?  Local to national group getting traction.  RT for an invite to stay informed!

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