Creating a Learning Network for Community Builders!

The American Standards 

      They are the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Read them HERE

      Who should be part?   Everyone has a part to play.   Read more on the W.A.R. below.  and the role you can play HERE


     What is the approach?   Three simple steps

            1)  Simple information on the American Standards will be available.   We are looking for trainers, especially youth!, to train people in their social sphere and to build and American Standard group.  

            Rewards:  Hats, Teeshirts, Monetary rewards and Recognition. 

            2)  To receive a Reward, trainers must capture the name of the person who was trained and some verification such as a phone number or email.  The person trained will be able to opt into being on a list to see their trainer get recognition and to get an American Standard newsletter.

            3)  Those who are engaging in the W.A.R. (see below) will play various roles such as:  keep watch on issues, regulations, proposed regulation, gather to review proposed legislation, etc.  They will provide reports that can be shared through social networks and connections (churches to civic clubs), go out to news outlets and go out in the American Standard Newsletter.   

      How do I get involved?   Join our Facebook Group. This will keep you informed on upcoming meetings, events and information.  Join NOW: 

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     W. = Watchdogs.   They will watch and tell about  track records and actions 

     A.  =  Advocates.   Will vote for those who uphold the American Standard. Plus some will train, etc.         

     R. = Resources.    Provide tangible services from task work, networking, working polls, funding, etc.

     Read more on the W.A.R. below.  and the role you can play HERE



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