Creating a Learning Network for Community Builders!

      W. = Watchdogs.   

     People who will watch and tell about the track records of our public servants, bureaucrats, judges, school and school board officials, etc.  

     They will track laws, regulations and legislative proposals that are Freedom Takers.  

         A.  =  Advocates.   

        Advocates vote for freedom making representatives.

       Advocates will raise awareness and provide training on  the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  

        They will advocate for Freedom Making legislation.    

        They will highlight and help us celebrate examples of liberty in action from all sectors of society: the civic, the market, the sacred and the social.  

        R. = Resources.   

        What can you do?  Here are some things we need resources to do.

        Help work the polls by providing handouts so that people understand the comparative track record the candidates have as Freedom Makers or Freedom Takers.

        Help design the handouts.

        Help fund the handouts and the prize for the trainers (tee shirts, hats, cash prizes).

        Lead creative initiatives: American Pride Floats, marches, rallies      

        Task work is needed.

        Your help is requested to support securing our American Standards.  Everyone has a part to play!

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