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I will move the previous entries for our ongiong family koinonia dinnner over here in the the form of new discussions-

note- a family koinonia dinner is a breaking of bread dinner focused on building Christ-centered connections and relations with my family- we have been doing it for a couple of months now and great understandings, deeper love connections, growth in Christ has been occuring for the four of us (myself, my 7 yr old daughter, my wife, my sister, and my mother in law)


Here is the entry from last week- I will be writing the entry from today in another discussion----

Last week was a significant object lesson for me about God’s path and plan- and it all is wrapped around Jeremiah 12:5  If thou hast run with the footmen, and they have wearied thee, then how canst thou contend with horses?

My sister in law had missed the previous week and this week was missing again.  My mother in law ended up missing our family koinonia dinner, deciding instead to go over to my sister in law’s to watch movies with her.

My sister in law was struggling with a major decision coming up in her life and I believe Mumzy was there to offer some comfort.

I, however, was very upset, hurt, felt rejected by both of them.  I am connecting to both of them in deep ways, and whenever you connect to people in love, they become, as I have phrased it, ‘dangerous’ people’, because they now have the power to hurt you with rejection.

I had to have my sister, Juanita, and her husband, Johnny, pray for me to be in God’s presence and focus on the family that was in front of me, my wife and daughter.

By God’s grace I was able to enter into his presence and do our family koinonia dinner together.  It turned out to be a ‘God thing’ that we were the only ones present that night.  My daughter ended up sharing the most with us, talking about all the ways she has been witnessing Christ, seeing Christ, and being called to prayer at school.  She is 7 years old.  She has a prayer partner and formed a prayer team, this, I believe inspired by her grandmother, Mumzy to me, whose prayer warrior life has emerged through our fellowshipping.

I realized that I needed to have two, not one, breaking of bread dinners a week, the first is a family koinonia dinner, where our family (me, my wife, my mother in law, my newly adopted sister, and my daughter) and the second is a family charter dinner, for just my wife, my daughter, and myself, where we can fellowship in koinonia love for the express purpose of forming a family charter that makes our Christ-committed connections to one another visible.

Had Mumzy and my sister been there, I might have missed it.

The next day, we all went to church with my sister, and heard a powerful message of living out the kingdom in our living rooms.  It was a message that was timely as it spoke directly to us all about how we are living out the kingdom with one another and how in that living out we are taking actions to become the salt and light of a godless nation headed towards terrible judgment if it does not repent and turn back to God.

We had a wonderful fellowship time afterwards.  It wasn’t our full family koinonia dinner (we didn’t have our prayers of blessings, which are becoming tradition for us), but it certainly turned into a real koinonia time of fellowship where we walked closely with one another in Christ and exhorted one another to grow in Christ.

I came back to that verse, about running with men and being worn out, and thought about how I could have been worn out by running with men, by living in my hurt and pain of feeling rejected, and missing the larger race I was running with and for God- the kingdom race.  I could have missed, would have missed, the blessings the Lord gave our little family, my wife, my daughter, and me, in our koinonia time and the deeper understanding I gained from seeing this little family fellowship contrasted against the larger family koinonia fellowship.

In the end, we were brought together after all, and we experienced deep koinonia connections, we shared in a significant message from my sister’s church that pulled us all closer together and gave us all a sense of urgency and larger purpose to why we are seeking to connect to one another in Christ’s deep love.


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