Creating a Learning Network for Kingdom Builders!

Purpose. exists to for Community Builders to share information and encouragement!

It is a community that provides opportunities to share thoughts, concepts, ideas and discussions to enable us to better serve each other and those in our community.   

Our Standards

The standards of can be found at   

Other forums

There are many forums for debating points of doctrine, teachings or theology.   This is not the purpose of  Please hold these discussion in the appropriate forum.


The opinions expressed on do not necessarily reflect the opinons of the owner of the group.


Posting PROMOTIONS - ADS or similar- repeatedly posted in the group is not allowed and may be deleted. 


At the owner's discretion, Guidelines will be created and from time to time changed and improved.   The enforcement of the Guidllines will be at the sole discretion of the owner of   Members who do not respect the Guidelines may be warned, suspended or banned.   All decisions regarding who may or may not participate on are at the descretion of the owner.   Disputes my be addressed by emailing


Suggestions for improving our community are welcome.   Feel free to post them in this group for consideration.

We hope you enjoy your time in!

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Standards have been shared on the Facebook Group LifeCenter.Club HERE



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