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Chapter 5 The Foundations of Science. Exploring evolution and our #origin for #atheist and others.

#atheist & others live in a world like ‘The Matrix’ – they understand the principles the govern the world but not beyond #origin

#atheist & others use ‘science’ as the basis to prove what is real and not real. There is a problem with using science to determine how we got here, R #origin

All science rests on this underlying belief: the world operates by fixed, discoverable laws. #origin #atheist

The ONLY way we know there are laws is b/c we observe things happening repeatedly and infer that there is a law at work #origin #atheist

For instance, we observe there is a law of gravity, but we cannot ‘prove’ gravity, we can only infer it from observation. #origin #atheist

Because the universe operates by fixed, discoverable laws, science INFERS that that is ALL that governs the universe. #origin #atheist

The inference that natural laws govern the universe is referred to as ‘natural science’. #origin #atheist

Natural science by DEFINITION excludes God’s intervention. See Wikipedia excerpt, emphasis by this author: #origin #atheist

The presupposition of science is that God does NOT intervene in the universe; therefore science will always ‘prove’ the non-existence of God #origin #atheist

Has science always presupposed that God did not exist? NO! Science was used in ancient Rome, Greece, China and Islam tbc #orign #atheist

Science in these cultures never went anywhere. Why? B/c they did not have a theology that described a systematic view of the universe #origin #atheist

Christianity was different: major scientific advances were made by ppl who thought they were studying the mind of God. #origin #atheist

Ex.’s of PPL who studied the “Mind of God” through science: Newton, Galileo, Copernicus, Boyle, Maxwell #origin #atheist

Today, science has created a ‘vacuum’ – without God, science’s theory of origin and descent will ALWAYS prove natural #origin & evolution #atheist

However, no explanation can be offered to explain how a complex language/Code: DNA could occur naturally. #origin #atheist

For further information on the inability of evolution to explain DNA see Chapter 4 on DNA #origin #atheist

To believe we are here today because of “natural evolution” – mindless mutations or natural selection, is an exercise in faith in science #origin #atheist

Science cannot explain how DNA came to be plus the fossil record shows ‘explosions’ of species, not a gradual ‘descent’ #origin #atheist

Science never ‘proves itself wrong’, creating a vacuum of belief. Old theories are ONLY turned over when new theories are advanced. #origin #atheist

‘Natural evolution’ precludes, by presupposition, the actions of a Creator. If God was involved-science will be blind to the fact #origin #atheist

A Kansas State University Professor said regarding Intelligent Design in the magazine ‘Science’ TBC #origin #atheist

“Even if all data points to intelligent design-such hypothesis is excluded from science because it is not naturalistic” #origin #atheist

So, ‘natural science’ forces on people a theory with major gaps that cannot be solved. Ultimately it leaves ppl w/o hope #origin #atheist

Scripture says that people, in their wisdom can become fools. #origin #atheist

U can share #atheist Richard Dawkins’ view of universe “no design-no purpose-no evil & no good-nothing but blind, pitiless indifference” #origin

Or your world view can include God who says: “I created the heavens! I am God. I formed the earth and made it. I established it.” #origin #atheist

God says: “I did not create it-the universe-chaos. I formed it to be inhabited. I am the Lord and there is no other!” #origin #atheist

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