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Chapter 4 DNA: a naturally occurring LANGUAGE? Dah! #origin #atheist

DNA is a language or a Code. It is complex with loopbacks and repeats. It can create U in 9 months. #atheist #origin

Language or codes do not occur naturally. So, therefore, ‘natural’ evolution, evolution w/o a code designer cannot occur. #atheist #origin

Anyone who has used Information Theory to write CODE knows it takes a high level of SKILL to write simple, effective code #origin #atheist

Anyone who has used Information Theory knows that randomly changing CODE is ALWAYS harmful. #origin #atheist

Anyone who has used Information Theory knows that CODE can NEVER be improved by randomly ‘playing’ with it #origin #atheist

Anyone who studied DNA knows complexity of DNA is so enormous it'd take books to catalog complexity of even simple organism #origin #atheist

Many #atheist and ppl who believe in evolution say, “U show holes, but you don’t offer a better theory on R #origin & development.”

But, there is a theory that explains how the complexity of life came to be. It is called: Intelligent Design. #origin #atheist

Perry Marshall has a theory of Intelligent Design compatible w/Information Theory of Data-top DOWN evolution, not bottom up #origin #atheist

Perry Marshall has the BEST information I’ve seen to explain how DNA-a language or CODE could NOT evolve #origin #atheist

Perry Marshall’s on Information Theory/Communication Theory, DNA & Intelligent Design here: #origin #atheist

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