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Chap3 DNA: The Language of Life.

Evolution starts in the ‘middle’ by assuming the evolution of DNA code that is so complex that it can create U in 9 months tbc #origin #atheist

DNA code is a language, like computer code. It has loop backs, repeating sequences. It is like a technical schematic. #origin #atheist

If I were God, how’d I do it? Chpt 1 talked about code & 3 types of rules: Program Rules, System Rules & Business Rules #origin #atheist

Chpt 1 talked about Program Rules and Business Rules. Let’s talk about System Rules.

The code for the System Rules would govern how the organism grows, lives and reproduces. #origin #atheist

I’d create separate broad groups, horse like, dog like, cat like, etc. #origin #atheist

I’d allow them –under stress to call forth embedded DNA enabled traits #origin #atheist

These might de-evolve to separate species. #origin #atheist

It’d be Intelligent Design. Is this how God did it? I have no idea. But, it would be consistent with how code works #origin #atheist

Code can be reused and reduced by ‘non-coders’. Code cannot be created by ‘non-coders’. It is too complex. #origin #atheist

Early versions of Darwinism saw cells as simple. We continually learn how complex they really are: DNA code complexity & tbc #origin #atheist

..function in designing the mechanics of simple cells is likened to technical schemata to build & operate complex machines. #origin #atheist

B/C the complexity was unknown, theories such as natural selection and mutation were advanced. #origin #atheist

We now know that mutations are never shown to increase DNA & are generally neutral or harmful. #origin #atheist

Natural selection cannot be shown to produce more and more complex functions, the tendency is to lose DNA. #origin #atheist

Even simple organisms are complex. It is unlikely that these would have a natural #orign, outside of creation #atheist

If assumption was that complex ‘families’ of organisms were created w/ability to adapt-new theories could be explored 4 #origin #atheist

Why is it that alternate theories are suppressed? See upcoming Chapters: The Principles & Politics of Evolution #origin #atheist

Why are #origin & #evolution important? B/c creation = ownership. If God created the heavens & earth & us, He owns us #atheist

If we crawled out of the water & evolved to be what we are all on our own, God is not relevant/real. #origin #atheist

The choice is a ‘holey’ theory b/c there is NO GOD or a Holy theory-Intelligence, God, was involved with R #origin #atheist

God says: I created the heavens! I am God. I formed the earth and made it. I established it.

God says: I did not create it-universe-choas. I formed it to be inhabited. I am the Lord and there is no other!

God says: I created living things to reproduce after their kind.

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