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Does #Origin matter? #atheist Richard Dawkins re:Universe “no design-no purpose-no evil & no good-nothing but blind, pitiless indifference”

#Atheist say-theory of our 'natural' (translation – without GOD) #origin & evolution is factual, scientific, indisputable, complete. Right?

I am one that #atheist Daniel Dennett views as a threat to HIS social order because I dare question 'natural' science regarding R #origin

Many #atheist & proponents of natural #origin tolerate no dissent & regard all criticism of #evolution fundamentals as false & reprehensible

I believe the primary myth of Darwinism is the myth that Darwinism is invincible. #atheist #origin

This series of tweets hash tag #origin will be to look at how we got to where we are today.

This series of tweets will look at philosophy behind #origin & #evolution, natural selection, genetic mutation & incidental change

Our #origin is not what #atheist and others say. It is: “God breathed into us His breath of life.”

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