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Chapter 1

This series of tweets is to look at how we got here, to look at our #origin. Did we evolve from a single distant relative? #atheist

Tale of two views: In the beginning God created living things to reproduce after their kind OR R #origin is from a distant relative #atheist

If I were God, how would I make living things? I’ll start with a ‘given’: DNA the Code of Life. #origin #atheist

My experience w/code goes back to Commodore 64. After an hour writing code, I ran it. A ball that moved across my screen. #origin #atheist

My mild exuberance explains why I am not a programmer today. But, I understand how to control things w/code. #origin #atheist

So, if I was making living things, I would create code that would govern the Business Rules, System Rules and Program Rules. #origin #atheist

The code for the Program Rules would govern how the cell or cells grow and interact with each other. #origin #atheist

The code for the System Rules would govern how the organism grows, lives and reproduces. #origin #atheist

The code for the Business Rules would govern how the organism relates to the larger environment. #origin #atheist

Most, importantly, I would re-use sections of code. Why re-write them? #origin #atheist

Did God do it this way? I have no idea. I am just offering an alternate hypothesis that takes nice advantage of the holes in evolution. #origin #atheist

What? Does evolution have holes? Does Swiss cheese? #origin #atheist

What holes? Well, code reuse for one. The ‘imaginary’ evolutionary tree-where lower forms of life produce higher forms doesn’t exit. #origin #atheist

Instead we see genetic sequences repeated in multiple unrelated species. We’re not looking at a genetic ‘tree’ but a genetic mesh. #origin #atheist

Business rules, mentioned earlier, would govern how organisms relate to their environment. #origin #atheist

Microbes, extremely simple organisms, communicate w/multiple specie, impacting the entire community #origin #atheist

This complex behavior in microbes cannot be reduced to the behavior of a single microbe- it is the function of the community. #origin #atheist

“Evolving” genes in an isolated organism does not explain how multiple, co-dependent organisms can all ‘evolve’ at once. #origin #atheist

Yet, when we look at the world around us, we see a rather ‘seamless’ ecology, as though put together w/appropriate Business Rules. #origin #atheist

We can choose to believe: God created the heavens and the earth and every living thing to reproduce after its kind. #origin #atheist or..

We can choose #atheist Richard Dawkins #origin view: “no design, no purpose, no evil & no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference”

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