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An Agreement of Common Union For Voluntary Free Associations-

This agreement is voluntary, no person will be forced to sign it. The signators, however, will prefer one another in all dealings because they agree to this pledge of Unity (Unity in diversity), Liberty (Popular sovereignty), Independence (Democratic equality), and Justice (Rule of law).

Unity in diversity- we come togethe...r in the Unity of our One true faith and diverse in all other ways. We tolerate and love all, regardless of their faith or any other condition even as we assert our own right to live as individuals and as a community according to our convictions.

Popular sovereignty- our full individual sovereignty comes from full liberty to pursue godliness, self-reliance, and self-governance which expresses the sense of our values and way of life and to achieve this we seek practical ways to exercise our self reliance so that each person might find and fulfill their calling.

Democratic equality- we expect to be judged solely on the merit of our work and our character without hindrance, prejudice, or favoritism and in order to do this we demand only that we receive our rewards based on our level of participation and ownership stake as measured by our investment thus protecting our Independence in protecting our rights, persons, and welfare from all hazards.

Rule of law- we will make the law and benefit from the law in accordance with the dictates of our faith and the Word of God (our highest Law) and our community values and in order to achieve this Justice we will protect our interests and guard our rights and privileges and help one another to do the same.

How we apply this ideals is important. This is how we commit to using these ideals:

Unity in diversity- we recognize our differences of belief, approach, style, and taste and we respect one another. We do not translate difference into being evil or being unfit as a friend and comrade.

We respect the different ways we all may live, and we humbly expect that our way of living will not be ridiculed, our point of view will not be silenced, and our character will not be questioned unless we behave in a manner which is contrary to this agreement. We expect to be judged only on the basis of the content of our character, to be considered innocent until proven guilty, and to be forgiven when we admit our wrong.

Popular sovereignty- we are all members of the ONE race, the human race, we are all owners of personal sovereignty and we are all partakers and have a say in shared, or community, sovereignty.

We have rights to be heard, to be left to pursue our dreams in peace, to decide how we will live, and to be a part of the process of determining the destiny and structure of our relationships, institutions, and communities in a manner which brings the greatest good to all of our families, friends, and neighbors.

Democratic equality- we are all equal in value in one another’s eyes, and as such we all have a right to be treated with dignity and respect, to have the opportunity to find and fulfill our full potential and all of our dreams based solely on our character, talent, ambition, integrity, and devotion.

Our value as human beings, our rights as human beings, and our potential as human beings does not come from our past, our genes, our environment, or any other but this, that we must love one another as brothers and sisters.

Rule of law- what makes us one in our diversity is a common code of ethics which governs our conduct to one another, a law that conforms to the Word of God, which is the sole basis of our law amongst ourselves.

This law must conform to the Word of God, it must benefit us all, be consented to by us all, and be enforced equally by us all or it is no longer valid. It must respect our rights, preserve the peace, promote virtue, create order, and bring benefits to every member of our community.

We will all make the law, we will all respect the law, and we will all enforce the law in a redemptive spirit which does not excuse wrong but which provides for forgiveness and redemption. The one law we obey is the law of love: that we should live at peace with all people, that we should seek no ill upon another, that we should love our neighbor as we love ourselves, and that we should extend this love without condition or hope of reward.

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