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In Psalms it says "Blessed in the Nation whose God is the Lord."

What does this really mean?

1. What is a nation?
2. How does God bless a nation?
3. How does a Nation make God its Lord?

These are challenging questions and I'd like to hear from YOU as to how to answer them Biblically!

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     One aspect of a nation according to Merriam-Webster's Tenth Edition dictionary is a non-Jewish nationality(Psalm 2 vs 1).  There is a Scripture that says not to offend Jews, Gentiles(nations) or the Church of God.  Right around the National Day of Prayer I was reading a book about national prayer.  One of the assertions in the book was that either Albania or Armenia(I can't remember which) is considered the 1st Christian nation.  I have pondered what this means, but I have not researched the matter.  I think the Lord blesses a nation according to what is taught in Deuteronomy chapter 28 vs 1-14.  As far as a nation making God its Lord, I'm still thinking about that.  Maybe this involves acknowledging God in a nation' laws and governing structure.  In a general sense, I think it means a people(nation) being united in worshiping/serving God.  The emphasis in the United States seems to be that we have the freedom to do this, even though we do not.  Acts 17 vs 26-27 teaches us that God determines a nation's history and territory(also Webster's definition of nation) and it is God's will for men to seek Him.  Maybe it is the destiny of America to be a republic that is one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.  Or maybe the United States is destined to break up into numerous nations where some of them actually do have an undivided devotion to seeking and serving God.  Only our omniscient Lord knows this and in His wisdom He has not revealed this to us in Scripture.


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