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What do you think?   Does America deserve blessings or judgment?

I think America is in trouble!   I'll tell you what God showed me regarding this...   the reason our nation is in trouble is this.   It is because the church, the body of Christ is weak.   Look around...

    ...churches are in decline

    ...the world has more influence over the church than the church has over the nation

    ...Many Christians focus on many things, few are devoting themselves to God

People used to say, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world."  That was because families were important.  Families ate together and played together.    They had a Mom and Dad.   Now, divorce is almost as common as marriage!  Tmany kids don't have a Mom and Dad; too often the parent is so busy they don't eat together or play together.  Kids are in trouble - many kids are becoming parents before they are even grown themselves.

Our nation is sliding into godlessness.   Godlessness has a penalty.  We can rebuild the foundations.  That isn't really HARD, but we need to be deliberate.   We can rebuild the foundations OR we as a nation can face God's judgement.

God, does have a plan.   We do not have to face judgement along with the world.  He is calling us to be his very own people, to live our his Kingdom among ourselves.  He is calling us to BE the people of God!  

Here is how it starts - learning to devote ourselves to the things that matter...   MORE HERE.

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If we get what we deserve for the piles of broken lives, murdered people, and disavowal of all things good and Holy, then I shutter to think....

But we DO have a choice!

Yes, we can "get political" but if we are not connected, from our foundation, to the ROCK, then what good will political freedom do in this life if we lose our true freedom in the next life? Our foundation, who and what we are, must be connected to the Rock!

One cannot hope to build freedom if one does not first and always build the Kingdom among us in the daily actions, relationships, and decisions we focus on. If we help people to win political rights and yet fail to lead them to the true and only Source of true and eternal freedom, then we're wasting our precious time!

A couple of thoughts. God has already given us justice; we only need to learrn how to practice justice.

As Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, and most everyone before Adam Smith knew, justice comes in two components: political justice and economic justice.

As Pope Paul VI, if I am not mistaken, said: "If you want peace, work for justice".

That is what we are going to get, then, if we practice justice: peace. 


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