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What IS Kingdom DNA?  DNA directs the growth of all living organisms.   The church, the body of Christ, is a living organism. Could it be that one reason 'the church' is unhealthy is that the basic building blocks, the DNA, of the church is weak?

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Kingdom DNA - The Framework of the Kingdom

Framework: a framework describes simple concepts that frame how things work.   These do not create ‘doctrine’; these illustrate the Kingdom; they make visible the DNA of the Kingdom.

1. Living the Kingdom…
       The 7 Devotions: The Great Commandment: 1) Love God, 2) Love our Neighbor as ourself,  3) The Great Commission, 4) Prayer, 5) Apostle’s Teaching, 6) Breaking Bread together, 7) Fellowship (and Assembling as the Church)

2. The Five Gateway Skills

      Apostle. Planting new works. Helping plant. Strengthening works.
      Prophet. Percieving. Understanding what God is saying. Testing with truth.
      Evangelist. Proclaimer. Being a messenger of the Good News of the Kingdom
      Pastor. Guide and Care Giver. Key to making disciples!
      Teacher. Imparter. Equipping others regarding God’s word and work.
For more on where and how equipping happens, see the 5 x 7 Model.

3. The Four Authorities (A simplified version of the 7 Mountains of Culture).  We need to handle our responsibilities in all areas of life.

     Sacred – Practicing The 7 Devotions
     Social – Serving each other spontaneously and deliberate
     Civic – In all areas of Governance, especially understanding how to build on a a solid foundation. 
     Market – Working and being gainfully employed

4. The Four Pillars

     These are the basic building blocks of our lives.  
     Being disciples and Disciple Building
     Marriage and Marriage Building
     Family and Family and Household Building
     The Body, Church/Ecclesia Building

Discussion Forum

Living Simple. Living Intentional. The 7 Devotions and the 5 x 7 Model.

Started by Juanita. Last reply by Scott H. Clark Apr 30, 2012. 1 Reply

It may not seem like it, but when you look at the 7 Devotions and the 5 x 7 Model, you see something both simple AND profound.Don't be frightened by the chart.  :-)  It just helps us see things.    Here is the 5 x 7 Model:…Continue

7 Devotions for Every Christian

Started by Dave Knauss. Last reply by Juanita Apr 25, 2012. 1 Reply

If every Christian did these seven devotions daily...If every Christian examined him/herself daily to self-assess effectiveness within these seven devotions...If every Christian got together daily with 2-3 other Christians for accountability and…Continue

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Comment by Scott H. Clark on February 8, 2012 at 3:10pm

My mind runs that way. It seems the more I learn the more I want to know. I give credit to it being God's bigger purpose for me but only folks like David Van K or Mike Moon can really appreciate the depth of information that most would run away from. That's sort of why I am in this isolation of sorts. Getting to go to the NAB show and helping with the preparation is the most outside contact I have had other than my Cyber friends. I am not looking for sympathy here as everything is working towards the greater good, even as I run in the background independently ProActive. I don't claim to know it all but I do give credit to God from my initial Baptism and filling of the spirit upon finding the God felt sorrow of realization of Christ's willing sacrifice. You and Johnny really are also in overdrive with the good works you do. I tend to gravitate to the deeper end of the pool where some dare not tread. I wish to share but am learning the tempered reasoning still of when receptivity of an individual is getting befuddled by my explicative elaborations. It's just that I get very excited about what I do and only those short encounters with those who understand and appreciate the sharing know what it's like to be free to let it all out. Of course, When someone of David VK's creative intelligence may it be full appreciated. A blessing and a curse all in one.  My assertion to the positive constructive mode is not always taken as intended. Hopefully, I will be discerning enough to avoid the pitfalls of my Hyperactive mind. Thanks for the Comments, I am listening as well even if my affinity for the underlying principals of the unseen may also be my undoing with others on occasion. Blessings, Scott

Comment by Juanita on February 8, 2012 at 8:18am

Wow, Scott ~ you are thinking in 'overdrive'.  LOL

Comment by Scott H. Clark on February 7, 2012 at 11:13pm

Hi Juanita,  Love the analogy of DNA.  Here's a bit more on this if you don't mind some of my oddly technical addition to the post.  God in nature, including DNA is quite amazing. Each component of DNA works together and have individual purpose. Yes sometimes there are those pesky bad ones which do cause problems. The thing is you can't pick and chose your personal DNA strand which would by choice be error free from defect or disease. God has the power over all things and permeates all things with Healing powers where Faith is concerned. The ends of the strands have receptors that work like antenna. By choosing to add God as our divine light, those things unseen act like adding a small point of Gold to the ends of the strands increasing the antenna like properties 10 fold. By reading the bible, Fellowship, hearing the word, and opening of the heart this also works like the gold component on the ends of the strands. The DNA knows what to do and does it very well at this point. Those things that were thought to be irreparable are made new and a new better functioning DNA through no physical contact and duplicates the error corrected (By God) DNA.  Of course when you tell people about it, most can't see or understand how this works but it does. Unless revealed to you by God it is as written. As, Hearing you shall Hear but not understand for the meanings they are held within your heart. That's why Opening your heart to God has the Healing effect. Trusting in God and opening your heart works as the Catalyst to the Error correction in the DNA. I believe in God and Christ's willing sacrifice for us to turn things around. Of course I still see where God's purpose goes unnoticed as the DNA which also works in the background. A hundred years ago even the concept of DNA was still unseen. Today, evidence is more observable as in the workings of God and those who chose to believe DNA exists. And you don't need a genome sequence reader to observe and that's a good thing. Just to use the reader costs over a Million bucks, It costs a lot less now, but getting to know God doesn't cost a thing and Christ paid the a ultimate sacrifice so we would come to know this and more (Everlasting Life) God's the ultimate Life and DNA Fixer upper. In not so technical terms. Blessings, Scott


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