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Disciple Building

Disciple Building

Think of this framework as a starting point for your community to create your own Shared Standards for Disciple Building. (Framework: simple concepts that frame how things work.)

Standards for disciple building start with me making a resolution to be a disciplined Christ follower, then entrusting these things to others who will teach others as well.

1.       The Foundations of our Faith: Bible literacy and Bible defense: growing in understanding and defending

2.       The Seven Devotions:  Being devoted to  God, The Great Commandment, The Great Commission, Apostle’s Teaching, Prayer, Fellowship (Koinonia), Breaking of Bread

3.       Connecting:  To small groups (think of Jesus and the three or 12); Congregating with others (think of Jesus and the 70), connecting as a community (think of Jesus and the 120)

4.       Carrying out our responsibilities in all communities:  Natural, Kingdom and Connected or Koinonia. 

5.       I fulfill my responsibilities:  Sacred, Civic, Social, Market

6.       The Four Pillars of Kingdom Governance.   As I join with others, corporately carrying out responsibilities,  we employ The Four Pillars of Kingdom Governance, The 4 Core Ideals: Unity in Diversity, Popular Sovereignty, Democratic Equality, Rule of Law

I develop Kingdom building skills

Planter- Planting or support new works. 

Perceiver- Following the leading of the Holy Spirit rejoicing in truth and turn to the Word for discernment. 

Proclaimer-  Proclaim the good news of salvation through Christ transferring us into his Kingdom. 

Caregiver and Guide- Serving and loving my neighbor who God puts in front of me and using my gifts, talents and resources to serve in deliberate ways

Imparter- What I learn I will entrust to faithful people, who will teach others


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