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The Life Center ~ God’s Confirms ~ History Changes from Pennsylvania

        This is to record the significance of the kickoff of the Life Center.  The Life Center will distribute the benefits of the Kingdom across United States and around the world.

        The Life Center kick off was a three day event.  It was July 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Pastor Derek Schneider came the second night, on Thursday.

        As we were gathered in the house after the event, Pastor Derek received a Skype phone call from Pastor Sunday Adelaja.  Pastor Sunday called to bless Derek.  Pastor Sunday thought Pastor Derek was in Canada, he did not know that Pastor Derek was here for our Life Center Kickoff.  The blessing went on for quite a while. After that, Pastor Sunday said to Derek,  “Did you read my article today?”  Pastor Sunday’s article was The Kingdom-God’s Total Solution for Man’s Total Need.  That was the exact title of Derek’s message.  We were very excited. We felt this was God simply confirming to us what He was doing.  Pastor Sunday affirmed that it was a confirmation of the significance of the kickoff of the Life Center.  Praise God!

                God's answer to society slipping into destructive practices is to raise a standard of righteousness.  Pastor Sunday told us that God has answered the Supreme Court’s decision legalizing gay marriage.  The answer was the gathering that was happening right then in Mansfield, PA. He said that this was very significant that we had gathered here on the Fourth of July. July 3 was actually celebrated as July 4 because July 4 fell on a Saturday.  So our Day of Independence was very last day of our kickoff celebration.  The Life Center will, with courage, provide training and resources for all of the needs:  sacred, social, market and civic.  The Life Center will be fearless in holding the American Standard for Freedom. Already legislators are using the Gay Marriage act to remove freedom.  Thank you, Pastor Sunday for encouraging us:  God has a response to darkness spreading across America. That response is his body, united and working!



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