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The vision came together quickly.   On our date night, Juanita and I talked about the MarketPlace Ministry.   We prayed together.  I felt like God gave us wisdom to Perceive what He intended to do! We didn't name it yet, but the vision statement seemed to really fit.   It may be 'done' or it may need to be tweaked.

Here it is...

"To see God's Kingdom extended to and throughout the entire marketplace impacting all areas of society."

Pretty cool, huh?

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6/2/2013   Well, after thinking about it, it wasn't quite there....   To be really effective a vision statement should be close to 7 words and tell of that goal, that vision, you'd like to see but it is so big you'll probably not quite ever get there.

After a couple iterations, here is where the vision is...

To extend God's Kingdom throughout the entire marketplace ~ impacting everything.   


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