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Pray and give thanks for everyone, for kings and those in authority.  

God has established government.  He desires that we pray, and thank Him for those who rule and govern among us.  Without our civil government, we would not know who might sweep into our country, taking prisoners, spoils, our lives and our lands.  

God desires that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  On earth, when those in authority establish righteous and beneficial laws, this is God's will being done.  

When those in authority acknowledge the one with ultimate power and authority, God, this is His will being done.  

Praying Kingdom prayers for those who are part of the kingdom of this world is fulfilling our role as ambassadors.  An ambassador goes between the kingdom where he has citizenship and a foreign kingdom. We are ambassadors, appointed to go between.  We are appointed to carry the good news of the Kingdom, it's principles and precepts.  And, we are called to share the good news of a King, the King of Kings, Jesus.

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