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The late C Peter Wagner wrote an excellent forward for the book.  He pointed out that God is raising believers to understand that His intent is that His Kingdom come to earth, impacting the world we live in today.  He said that for too long the mission of Christians has been to save should, plant churches and let others worry about improving society.

No more!  We need to go 'hands on' with society itself.  He quotes Cindy as saying, "Jesus wasn't looking to get people to change as much as he was looking to get kingdoms to change" pointing to how revivals often impacted people but the systems of society soon pulled people back to their former state.  

His hope is that we be stirred by the book to become Kingdom-minded and Kingdom-motivated people that God can use to change the world!


Martin Luther was greatly troubled by the state of society: sin and corruption were rampant.  He never intended to start a denomination, rather to revive people so that they would experience the fullness of God and in turn have a full impact on society.  

A quick survey of modern times shows that societies around the world have been suffering the same afflictions.   Scripture is full of the answers society needs.  The problem is the church has not been able to infuse the answers into society.  

She say that there are a number of things that contribute to this state including doctrine.  Many have been taught that the world will get worse before Jesus returns.   Yet, throwing our hands up in defeat is not in keeping with our mandate to make disciplined followers of the nations.  Too many times, what happens on Sunday is not carried over into Monday.  If we don't carry the principles of the Kingdom into our lives, government, businesses and the dark areas of society, we miss living out our calling to be salt and light. 

Of course, we need to experience and live in revival with transformed lives.  But, beyond that, we need to extend the impact of revival, transforming society:


   Media and Communications





   Church and Ministry

She says we need to love God with our minds as well as our hearts.  This calling is for all of us, you and me.  We ought not to be overwhelmed but willing workers to see the Kingdom established in our nation.  From helping individuals to come into the Kingdom to taking the principles of the Kingdom outward - this is our chance to see real reformation, revival and renewal!   Her desire is we share her passion for transformation and that we succeed in this high calling of impacting every sector of society!

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