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I overheard a pastor comment that his church's focus changed from inward to outward as a result of training his church in friendliness toward visiting guests. In other words, he was saying that when his church became overtly friendly with all visitors in their Sunday services, they automatically took the same friendliness to their streets daily in outreach ministry. Have you found this to be true?

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Our focus should always be a three strand cord. Upward - to God, Inward - developing, building the people, Outward - reaching the lost. This is a well balanced church or ministry.
Pastor Joe,
YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That preaches! And from Ecc. 4:12, a three-fold cord cannot be BROKEN!
Blessings, Dave
I love the balance that you mention, Pastor Joe. It is an interesting progression in the way you presented it. Each one drives the one that follows it. When we reach upward to God, He seeks to develop us inwardly. When we reach inward to our spiritual development it trains us to reach out to others. When we reach out to others, and they respond the cycle starts all over again with new people.

Jerry Hartman
You are so correct, Jerry, "Each one drives the one that follows it." I've noticed that the pastors and churches who are successful in this Visitor Retention Program and who are impacting the Kingdom the greatest are those who understand that each step successfully accomplished has an exponential result in the end that cannot be seen at the beginning. The pastors who learn to exercise this kind of trust are seeing the greatest results. For the church who really puts the heart of this program in their hearts, there really is NO END of the program or its exponential results.
Blessings, Dave


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