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Hi Pastors,
Dave Knauss here, one of the VRP instructors. I've had numerous pastors ask about church tracking software. One pastor was telling me about his former life in sales and that he had great software that tracked calendar dates, callbacks, appointments, special information to help make all calls personal, etc. He said this business software was top of the line in all its functions. Then he said how he looked around for a while in the religious realm, when he became a pastor, to find the same for churches. And that he happened to find a great one. His recommendation is:

I personally cannot validate the software never having used it, but I thought I'd pass on his recommendation for your own investigating.
Blessings, Dave Knauss

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Hi Dave,

Here are some links about Connection Power for you…

Specific information about the visitor follow up process.

Thanks for all your help!



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