Creating a Learning Network for Community Builders!

Growing a group doesn't just 'happen.'

You need to start with a good strategy. What do you want to see as the outcome of your group. We begin at the beginning, but it is best to begin with the end in mind.

You need posts centered around what you want to accomplish. Your group starts to 'work' when people join who share your vision, comment on posts and begin to start new posts.

It doesn't happen over night. But, be patient! Planting and sowing usually produces a havest.

God bless you as you start and develop a Group to help further HIS kingdom!

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Now, to make this group 'work'....

Here is what I am learning... In various places you need to start interesting discussions about Christian business/market place ministry. That lets you connect to people who have the interest & then they can be invited to the group.

Plus, others in the group, like myself, can help add to the discussions, keeping them popping to the top. I've had some discussions go on for months and month. ;-)


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