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Stopped in my tracks...

Today during prayer, I was stopped in my tracks, arrested by this thought: You have no idea what the Holy Spirit can do! #jesus #god

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Paradox - a Twitter Sermon

The Paradox Sermon  PART 1 of 4: Understanding the Paradox. #atheist

A paradox is a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when explained may prove to be true. #atheist

If God exists, he is not in our universe.  This creates a paradox. It is difficult to see evidence for things that are not in our universe. #atheist

And, God asks us to believe…


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We struggle to UNDERSTAND the Kingdom because the local church cannot be the Ekklesia

It is the close of one week and the opening of the next.

Last week was such a feast of understanding and revelation. We prepare to offer family and household training to others. Part of that preparation included a detailed analysis. Using the 7 levels of the 5 x 7 model: Globe, Nation, State, Community,…


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Why Unite?

To make disciples of all Nations, starting at home!

We should be bringing people into the Kingdom of God through helping them find faith in Christ's sacrifice resulting in salvation through grace. PLUS, we should be loving our neighbor as ourselves. Loving our neigbor means that as salt, the influence of God should permeate all dimensions of society:

Education - that truth and knowledge are passed on..

Civic - that laws supporting good and right behavior are passed… Continue

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Blooming and failing love. To answer our heart cry…

I am one of those people who seem to have a lot of experiences in life. The really good ones have been incredible. The less than good ones have been incredibly bad.

In the early years of being a Christian, I had some ‘friend’ challenges. Actually, at one point I took stock of those whom I loved and trusted. I felt that most of my close friends, in some way – many in significant ways, had betrayed me. I was in crisis. I was angry and… Continue

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Pictures from Washington, DC Conservatives March

These pictures and captions are from Tina Dubyoski.

Kind of gives the lie to the current administration's claim of just a few disgruntled nuts being against the direction the government is attempting to steer the country

I think this gathering should be appreciated as the extremely important historical event that it is. This is the first great conservative anti-statist manifestation in American history. The conservative movement,… Continue

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Why the church doesn't work. And, what needs to be done.

The future... It seems to me a scary place these days. I don't know what the future holds for our children and our grand children. I do know WHO holds the future and who can give the help that may be needed from looming dangers.

At one time the church had enormous influence in our society. Our Judeo-Christian values were accepted by most as the foundation of a 'good life' and a 'good society.' And, that is changing. Our nation is… Continue

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The Restoration of All Things ~~ A Simple Start

Ok, I could have called this post: Kingdom Transformational Model for Communities. But, who would have read it? Got ya!

So, this the goal: To see the Restoration of All Things. We need a simple and effective start.

My friend Bill has boiled things down to an essence. He said, and I fully agree, that we live in three dimensions:




But, sadly, these dimensions barely touch. At some… Continue

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They devoted themselves to...

The early Christians devoted themselves to

Apostle's teaching

Breaking of Bread



Ok... they went to church, heard great sermons and had a pot luck dinner afterward. Right?

Maybe. Maybe they did more than that!

Apostles's teaching.

Way back then, the apostles were there among the people and they taught the people. Great. And, we have many of their words… Continue

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The Decline and Fall of a Nation

All Nations go through 5 progressive cycles

Freedom and Birth





The cycle repeats.

Now lets look a little closer at these cycles and our country.

Freedom and Birth.

It is no mystery that the birth of our country was heralded with promise. The revisionists may tell a different story, but many Christians saw this as the opportunity to form a… Continue

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Isn't technology incredible? Today I am...

Sitting in a booth at the National Religious Broadcaster's Convention in Nashville.

I am in front of a green screen. I'm being shot with a high end camera with a weird green ring on it. I can see myself in the monitor, but... Volia! With the wonders of modern technogy, the Tricaster is putting me in a high end set. Part of that high end set includes a stream of live video from the show. That robotic camera is perched atop of the trussing surrounding our booth and can be controlled… Continue

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Christian Community - Response to economic hardship?

In this economic downturn some industries are being harder hit than others. I have a concern for Christians who don't have transferrable skills that are being hit.

I am thinking that we, the church, should consider forming Christian communities, shared living places, to help. I have seen various things like this work. The economic model is incredibly good... a community can often support itself for about $150 per week per person for food and shared housing. This is far less than it… Continue

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What is the Mission of KingdomInsight

Why am I here?

What am I supposed to do? And how?

These questions are important. And more important today than ever. The trouble is that we try to figure these things out alone. That was never God's intent... that we journey alone.

Individual. I'm an individual. If I, an individual Christian, try to figure out why I’m here, what I’m supposed to do and how- without being connected and in community with other believers, I’ll miss it.

Small group. Most… Continue

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New Ministries and Growing the Kingdom. What is the connection?

Our goal is to be mature followers of Christ. Let’s unpack this concept of ‘maturity.’ A mature follower of Christ should be able to reproduce – bring others to Christ. As mature followers of Christ, we should be able to help others mature in Christ. We ourselves should be life long learners – learning, sharpening our skills and passing this on to others. Let’s look at one of the particular skills we need to focus on:

There is the planter, apostle, or missionary. The term is not… Continue

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Open Air Preaching/Street Ministry. Is it for today?

Twenty five years ago or so...

I was reading scripture when suddenly it occurred to me that the gospel went forward to where people were gathered. They preached right out in the open. I discussed this with Johnny. I remember saying, "You know, we never do that these days! We don't preach out in the open!" We wondered if street preaching was still for today. So, we prayed, "Lord, if street preaching is for today, show us."

Two weeks later we got a call from our pastor. At that time it… Continue

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Why we are losing our children...

They say that many of the youth are not following Christ as they move into adulthood. It is an epidemic. Why?

One reason is that we have lost sight of our mission. Our mission needs to be what Jesus' mission was. He came to seek and save the lost. He did many other good things along the way: He healed people, fed people, etc. And he left us with the instructions to do the same.

Yet, we have strayed from this simple mission. A home that is not reaching out to seek and save… Continue

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Retaining Visitors... Close that back door!

Johnny and I have been on the road this week. Mostly we have been meeting with pastors and church leaders. We have been discussing Kingdom's Visitor Retention Program. I'd like to report that many pastors and leaders are interested. Just yesterday we saw a small church of 100 who gets about 10 adult visitors per week. They know they have a big, swinging back door!!! And, they are interested in closing it. We are looking forward to them joining one of our groups of pastors who are learning to… Continue

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