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A News Blogger’s Repentence and Renewed Pledge in Christ- Paul Gord...

I come to you today to repent for my sins, to ask you, my audience, to forgive me for cutting holes in walls.  I know, already, the Lord has forgiven me and my sin is already forgotten by Him, but I seek your forgiveness, as my audience, whether you have been with me or against me.  I seek to be a man who no longer cuts through walls, not even here, in my special ministry call, to witness the truth of the Lord through the news.  I seek to be like Joshua, and trust in God when he calls me to walk around the walls, to let God break down the walls in His time and His way.

I have been writing for years on the daily events of the world, from the persecution of Christians to the attack on Christ and his Way by the godless ideals of progressivism.  In these writings, I have been swept up at various times in anger.  I have relied on human tactics to help spread a narrative or invalidate one.  These writings are available to all to see, and I will keep them posted so all can see the journey I have taken in my pursuit of being less Paul and more Christ.

I have sought, be it ever so imperfectly, to witness the Truth of Christ and, in my human understanding, to be a good, responsible citizen fighting to have my governments (local, state, federal, etc) reflect the Godly values of Christ’s Freedom.  I sought to validate my beliefs, at times, on the Constitution and the founding principles of this nation, but now I seek to validate my beliefs in God’s Word alone, realizing that God is bigger than Constitutions, whether they intended to reflect his Godly truths of Freedom or not.

In this fight, I have sometimes taken, unwittingly, a ‘by any means necessary’ approach to fighting for what I perceived to be truth and the Freedom this nation was founded upon.

Read my full repentence and Renewed Pledge at

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Comment by Paul Gordon Collier on April 19, 2012 at 10:56am

Steve- my address of God's law over Constitutional law does not permit me to ignore the Constitution or to to stop being a vital citizen of this nation seeking to have the Constitution reflect, within the limits God outlines in our relation to the natural world, Godly values- my point is that I do the work of being a Godly citizen, meeting, to the best of the abilities God has given me, and recognizing his central part of any works that come from that commitment- but I do not, to the extent that is possible within my human limitations (I still need to have my feet washed, like every other Christ follower) agonize, or live in fear if my nation fails to honor God's foundations of Godly freedom (because I know I am in His plan and He can triumph over whoever or whatever He choooses, within HIS schedule, not mine)- and yes, I submit to authority placed over me- I recognize Obama's god-given authority over me, but will not allow it to trump God's authority- give to Caesar what is Caesar's

Comment by Paul Gordon Collier on April 19, 2012 at 10:48am

Sue- I have been listening to the gospels over and over and over lately- and I find there is such a thing as righteous anger- there is a time to speak very hard truths- Jesus called the Pharisees snakes at one point- my challenge to people is to ask themselves if they are knocking holes through walls- as opposed to following God's design- I know in my heart that many of my attacks, my tactics, were not done with righteous anger and did not clearly pursue truth, but rather, exploited a favorable narrative- this repentence most definitely is directed at myself- if you are a blogger, if you are a business person, if you are a politician- in short- if you have roles you fill in the 'natural' community, the only challenge is to ask yourself (the general you, not specifically you Sue) if Christ is the total focus of your work and action, wherever you are, or do you cut holes in walls because it makes more 'sense' in the natural world you are operating withiin


Comment by Katie on March 26, 2012 at 4:04pm

I love this. God bless you with His strength and love to walk this out. I’ve been thinking about Good Friday lately. Why do they call it Good? Because that’s the day Jesus gave it all — for His Father and for you!
Hope you have a great day thinking on His great love for you and His complete obedience to the Father!

Comment by Steve Belttari on March 26, 2012 at 2:57pm

     I think we have to keep judging ourselves when it comes to our involvement in politics, so I think overall you are on the right track.  I consider myself an advocate of an article V CON CON(this is the way conservatives usually look at it).  It is not the way it would work though.  Those that advocate for such a convention would not be part of the actual convention, so it could never be a power grab, just part of the democratic process.  I agree that you should follow God over the Constitution, but the Constitution is the law of the land and we should obey it(Romans 13 vs 1), I see having an article V constitutional convention as doing exactly that.

Comment by SueW on March 26, 2012 at 2:10pm

Paul, there is something called righteous anger (like Jesus got angry at the money changers in the temple) so I don't think you need to apologize for getting angry at the numerous injustices we are seeing in society, and most of your apology seems to be admonishing your readers to do something (not sure what it is you think we should do). I found it all a bit confusing, frankly.

Comment by Juanita on March 26, 2012 at 1:56pm


It is so wonderful that you have self assessed, realized something was amiss, and are working toward a better way.   You are being a good Christ-follower example!  God will honor that!

Comment by Scott H. Clark on March 25, 2012 at 10:49pm

Right On Paul!

Comment by Sierra Nichole on March 25, 2012 at 10:20pm

Wow, I pray God blesses you and loads you with Wisdom and Knowledge in this season of your life Paul! Youre insanely talented and I pray God uses you.

Sierra :)

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