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The Paradox Sermon  PART 1 of 4: Understanding the Paradox. #atheist

A paradox is a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when explained may prove to be true. #atheist

If God exists, he is not in our universe.  This creates a paradox. It is difficult to see evidence for things that are not in our universe. #atheist

And, God asks us to believe without the type of evidence some people desire.  If this is true, this is a paradox. #atheist

#atheist say: if #God wants us to believe in Him and then doesn’t provide the type of evidence we desire, it is unfair & unreasonable.  

#atheist say look-people who trust in #God struggle & people who don’t believe in God flourish. Either God doesn’t exist or is unfair

#atheist say:  if #God did exist, he is unfair, silent, hidden, cold and irresponsible to leave humans in this mess, without showing himself in the way we want to see him  

Here is a link to the full Paradox Sermon: #atheist Part 1 of 4

The Paradox Sermon Part 2 of 4:  The Former Church Goers #atheist

#atheist ppl are disappointed with the whole idea of #God b/c many former atheists went to church

#atheist, going to church does not mean that a person loves God.  People in love usually do not leave their spouse

#atheist being in love with God today, just like in marriage, does not mean being in love tomorrow

#atheist when people are not in love, they leave, they cheat and they turn their back on their 'beloved'

#atheist we cannot use adultery to invalidate marriage; nor can we use faithfulness to validate marriage

Here is a link to the full Paradox Sermon: #atheist Part 2 of 4

The Paradox Sermon Part 3 of 4:  Belief that Has a Basis #atheist

#atheist it could be the evidence you seek to prove God brings you to a paradox; if God exists he is outside of the universe He created

#atheist let’s consider how we would know about someone outside of our universe.  We would need scripture   

#atheist without a written scripture, even if God exists & impacts our world, we will have a pool of information that can never be logical or coherent

#atheist our written scripture is like a painting; if you don’t know the artist, you do not understand the painting

#atheist written scripture is also a paradox, just like God is a paradox.  Scripture tells us about creation

Every decision about how creation would be was also a decision on how creation would not be.  Fish having scales meant no fur. #atheist

By making decisions about creation, #God limited the world to what is and not to the thousands of other possibilities. #atheist

By making decisions about creation and what He WANTS to accomplish, #God limited his ability to provide evidence. Lets see WHY #atheist

Lets look at why… when God made Adam & Eve in His own image, they weren’t like characters in a play but ppl who could rewrite the play. #atheist

How happy was #God when he made man?  “The morning stars sang together and the angels shouted for joy!” #atheist

#God created a living being who loved him because of choice, not because of being pre-programmed like a wind-up toy. #atheist

#God was like a father who loved his newborn bald, helpless, wrinkled, toothless son and was proud of his creation #atheist

Adam & Eve rebelled against God.  Scripture says God felt:  sadness, anger, alarm.  We feel the same when R child leaves in rebellion #atheist

In His omnipotence #God created man with free will and surrendered Himself to the pain that occurred through man’s rebellion. #atheist

Here is a link to the full Paradox Sermon: #atheist Part 3 of 4

The Paradox Sermon Part 4 of 4 What Happens when God Shows his Power #atheist 

God wants his children to return to him; YET when he provides evidence of himself, it creates a paradox. #atheist, let’s look at this

#atheist scripture says there was a time in history when #God was neither silent nor hidden

#atheist When Moses came on the scene people had indisputable evidence of God.  What happened?

#atheist When God sent Moses he said, “You have suffered long enough.  Now you will see what I can do!”  God showed his power.  

#atheist In the days of Moses, God’s power was seen on a scale so massive that no one in Egypt missed it.  

#atheist Moses requested of Pharaoh to let the people of #God leave.  Pharaoh would not comply.  God gave Egypt a reason to listen to Him.

#atheist Pharaoh and the people of Egypt saw billions of frogs, gnats, flies, hailstones and locusts.  

#atheist Pharaoh had a hard heart.  He refused to listen to #God.  So, God further hardened Pharaoh's heart and escalated His voice

#atheist When Pharaoh would not listen & let God’s people go, every first born Egyptian died, those who listened to God were saved from death

#atheist I believe that if Pharaoh had refused to listen again, every Egyptian would have died.

So, #atheist Pharaoh let the people of #God leave.  For 40 years God led them with a pillar of cloud and fire

#atheist the closer #God was to people paradoxically, the more distant they felt from Him.  Listen to their words: contd

#atheist continued:  “Let us not hear the voice of the Lord our God nor see his great fire anymore or we will die!”

#atheist continued, God’s own people complained when they saw his power: “Who of us can dwell with a consuming fire?”

#atheist People’s response who saw evidence of God offers important insight into how seeing evidence of God’s power can impact men’s hearts

#atheist Power can do many things:  concentration camps used power to make people renounce #God and kill and bury friends & family

#atheist   Power can do many things, but it cannot control love.  You cannot force people to love you. 

#atheist The fact that love does not operate by the rule of power can help explain why God does not provide the hard evidence you request

#atheist The evidence that YOU ask for will NOT bring you to love #God.  This is a paradox that God faces  

#atheist KNOWING #God exists without loving or serving Him does not benefit YOU, God or anyone else. This is a paradox.

#atheist Just as love complicates every life, it creates a paradox for God because He desires our love & showing His power doesn’t foster love

#atheist It is NEITHER illogical nor irrational to know God without the empirical evidence you desire; it is a paradox.  

#atheist even though you might feel that you have NO faith, you can come to know God as my three ex-atheist friends have found

#atheist I would be honored to talk to you about how it is possible, reasonable and rational to know God.  Feel free to direct message me

Here is a link to the full 4 Part Paradox Sermon:

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