Benefits of Exercising!

Here is a list of some of the benefits of exercise! > > (* If the benefits of exercise could be put in a pill form, everyone would want to buy it!) > > 1. Stronger immune function > 2. Increased relaxation > 3. A better mood > 4. An improved complexion > 5. Stronger bones > 6. Muscle strengthening & definition > 7. It combats chronic disease > 8. Helps to manage weight > 9. Strengthens heart & lungs > 10. Gives an energizing outlook > 11. Wards off depression & anxiety > 12. Keeps joints, tendons and ligaments flexible > 13. Reduces some effects of aging > 14. It will pay for itself > 15. Dramatic improvements in energy level > 16. Improved sleep > 17. Sense of well-being > 18. Will pay for itself > 19. Psychological benefits > 20. Can be fun! > > Exercise Suggestions > > Try to fit exercise into your daily routine as much as possible, by walking, biking, using stairs, walking your dog, etc. Walking is something that you can usually do most places, even when traveling. Some of the busiest & most successful professionals frequently are the most diligent about exercise routines. It can be fit into the busiest of lifestyles if you make it a priority. When you can do it with friends, you even have the social benefits of fellowship. > > There are three types of exercise that are important to do: aerobic, strength training & stretching. It is recommended to do a minimum of 30-60 minutes of exercise 4 times per week. Verses: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul & strength. Love your neighbor as yourself."

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  • Hi Julie! Thanks for the great info! It keeps me motivated. I would like to share about some excellent videos that I use. I use Leslie Sansone's in-home walking DVDs. My favorite is "Walk and Kick." All her videos that I have used are wonderful. I think that she is a Christian. She is very positive and she dresses modestly in my opinion. The workouts are not difficult to perform, yet they will make you sweat. I love that I can do this when I want- 5 or 6 am, when I don't want to go outside for a walk and no gyms are usually open. It is very cost effective. I got 3 videos at one time to start so I would not get bored with one. She often mentions how exersizing regularly for good health will get you to a healthy weight. She adds wonderful information. I would highly reccommend these to others. God bless you, Julie. You are an inspiring woman of God.
  • The absolutely easiest way to do this, if your abilities allow, is to work at a job that requires physical activity.
  • I have an excellent book to use for getting into shape: Age Defying Exercize. It has self assessments. I find that if my back is stiff in the morning, the exercize helps. Plus, if my feet get sore at night, the stretching leg exercizes help. It is really helping!
  • You are so right1 I always feel so much better(physically, psychologically and emotionally)after exercising. It's the Just do it, get up and go that gives me the problem. I had gained so much weight over the years and exercise is beneficial even just to feel and be healthier...yes it would be a great bonus to look good also. I noticed that even when I don't lose the weight...there is a difference in my appearance when I am consistently working out...A friend of mine lost weight a few years ago and said that it was the she submitted to Him and He did a deep work in her...she one day noticed that she lost weight...wasn't reaching for that sweet something any longer...then she became encouraged to be disciplined about working out...she was not seeking the Lord about her weight that was just one of the benefits and blessings that resulted from her intimate time with the Lord.
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