This is from my friend Michael Yeager.   How neat!!!

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here is story i told Johnny


In HER OWN WORDS: In the Month of February 2013, I was diagnosed with
a large lesion in the upper left Chest area. Pastor mike I came to
your fellowship, Jesus is Lord Ministries that Sunday Morning, I had
The X-ray results from the study on my chair. I was praying that
somehow that the Father God would give ME an opportunity to share with
you and ask you to prayer for me.

Well do you know during the time that you were delivering the message
you asked me to stand to my feet because God had revealed to you
exactly what I was dealing! This was without me telling you
anything.You pointed directly to the Left side of my chest and said
that you saw a growth in my lungs. Then you anointed my forehead, and
asked me to place my hand on my left chest, you began to pray for me,
the power of God hit me, and we both jumped, and you said. "I'm
waiting forthe praise report"..I was scheduled for a CT SCAN of my
chest the follow Saturday. .well..

The report from that study read:THERE IS NO LESION FOUND IN LEFT LUNG
AREA"..I did return to Jesus is Lord Church and shared my miracle
testimony with you and the congregation. I want to thank you man of
God for every time I've fellowship with your Precious Church family I
always get restored, refreshed and watered to overflow. .I've always
know that this is a "Well of refreshing water for me"..I'm grateful to
Jesus for your prayers, intercession, loving kindness towards me. .Joy
over flowing in my soul!!.Pastor Lauretta Melendez. Owings Mills, Md

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