Commanding Power!

As we read in the holy scriptures, we, as Christians learn that in the spiritual world, especially when it comes to Lucifer, Paul mentioned in Ephesians that are war is not against flesh and blood but against Principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places. These are the Ranks of demonic spirits and powers and they are against the body of Christ. Understand that there are many believers who are not spiritually discerned and do not realize the war that they have entered into by receiving Christ as their Lord and many times they go unlearned about their own identity in Christ. This is exactly how the devil would have it. If he can't someone from being born again, he will try to keep them powerless and unfruitful. Yet he knows that if the Born again believer knows their true identity as a Child of God, that alone is enough to keep him underneath their feet. You see, Satan is not in the God-Class, as we are. Lucifer was created an angel, an Arch-Angel. He is not even in the same class as Humans are. We were created in the very likeness and the very Image of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit..Do God have power? We know that he does, he spoke all thing into existence, everything was created by the power of his word. In saying this, what about our words? Doesn't James write and say that Life and death are in the power of the Tongue? Yes. Okay, let us go to our greatest of example and teacher, Jesus. When he went forth, He showed us that in dealing with the devil, He didn't fool around and never should we. On many occasions, Jesus Commanded the devil. Jesus commanded the demons, Jesus commanded the sickness to leave, Jesus commanded the disciples, Jesus commanded the fig tree not to bring forth fruit, Jesus commanded the winds and the waves to cease. So what was Jesus teaching us? That we in His name, in His place, in this day and hour, that we have commanding power just as he had..Didn't Jesus say, "In my Name, you shall cast out demons! In my name, you shall speak with new tongues! In my name you if you drink anything deadly, it shall not hurt you! In my name, you shall thread on serpents and scorpions and nothing shall by any means hurt you! In my name, you, you, you, who is you? YOU shall lay your hands on the sick and they shall recover! But you must understand that in order to get these results, you must do as Jesus did. He went forth and taught the word, he went forth and preached the word, and then he healed. By His teaching and proclaiming the coming kindom, people who listened to him, faith in what he taught, in what he preached rose up within them and they acted on their faith and Jesus as a man, healed them. When people didn't believe, people didn't get healed. It is the same way with us. Jesus didn't go into all the hospitals, He didn't go to all the leper camps and never will we but as we go where the Holy Spirit leads, as we are sensitive to the voice of the holy Spirit, as we obey the Lord, he will lead us to where the hurting are. He will lead us and the gifts that are imparted unto us, will be used for the glory of God. And this is just how Jesus did.. Jesus rose up early and prayed. He went forth in the Spirit without measure and he spoke the word of life, he spoke the word of correction, He spoke the word to edify, he spoke the word, the word, the word! Are you speaking the word? How much time in your day do you just speak the word of God out loud? Did you know that God watches over His word to preform it on your behalf? On the other foot, be careful of the words you let proceed out of your mouth for Satan uses words but in a negative sense. When we talk doubt, talk unbelief, when we talk sickness, talk about lack, talk about lack, talk about troubles, guess what? Our faith gets weaker and weaker to where Satan uses problems to rob you of the seed of God's word and instead of growing and maturing, Christians do just the opposite and the word of God becomes choked out and they fall away.. NO! NO! NO! We are more than Conquerors in Jesus Name! We are kings and priests unto Jesus, we have been given Power over life and death.. Jesus' words are spirit, your words are spirit..Learn now that Jesus is our Great Commander and Chief and He has given us all things that pertain to this life in godliness.. Our words are powerful in speaking life or death..You can kill someone spiritually or bless someone spiritually with your words and James said, let us not curse men but rather use our words to bless.. What are you going through right now.. Did you know your words have got you where you are? If you don't like it, change what you are saying..Change what you are thinking. Start seeing yourself as a true Child of God, a king and a priest.. See yourself in the light of the Lord and walk in the light of God's truth.. You are commanded to go forth and get the devil out of the live and off of the lives that God is calling into the Kingdom.. Did you know you can do this in your time of prayer and devotions? You can speak to the demons of alcohol to release someone bound who maybe bound in China. In England, In Russia. There is no distance in the realm of the Spirit, this is what believers experience who learn what it means to interceed in the spirit..We are at war, Learn the power of words. Use your authority in Jesus name in commanding power starting in your own household, as it is time to MOVE OUT and by the anointing of the Spirit bring deliverance to the hurting..

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  • Yes, it is a mouthful..yet true...
  • hmm...that's a mouthful. Wonder if it would be better placed as a blog? It's easier said or written than done. Amazing how or speaking and thought patterns become habitual.
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