I am an evangelist. If we aren't reaching people for Christ, why are we here. I find that even ?though I am hard wired to be an evangelist, I still have to be deliberate about witnessing. I was just visiting the Nashville area with Juanita. We found ourselves in a Panera Bread restraurant. I met a nice clerk named Giedre. I worked to develop a casual relationship with Giedra. Part of trying to get to know her was so that I would have an opportunity to share Christ with her. I told her that my wife and I had a small gift that I would be bringing to her when we come back into the area in about 10 days. She was very appreciative and is looking forward to the gift. We will be giving her the CD, "Listen to the Bible in One Hour." I usually have a good supply of these with me, but I had run out. How are you intentional about evangelism?

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