Greetings, Each month Kingdom releases a DVD with something called "GodStories" on it. The term "GodStory" is really just a fancy name for a testimony, and the DVD includes a testimony for each week in the upcoming month. Beginning with February, I will begin posting a sample or two from that month's GodStory DVD, so keep an eye on the video section of this community. From where do these Godstories come? Each month we bring people just like you into our studios and have them either give their testimony, or if they prefer interview them about their testimony. If you have a story showing God's work in your life, why not drop me an e-mail at matt.hoppesREMOVEME[at]kingdomMETOO.com (remove the removeme and me too). I'd love to have you give your Godstory locally, via a web cam, or even over the phone.

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  • Don't think you have a God Story? Your wrong everyone does, it's just that we don't think that is what they are at the time. When God is done writing your current story, contact Matt and share it with others. Like Sarah said, you never know who you are going to minister to and it actually is painless. :)
  • I I have recorded my God Story and we show new God stories whenever they become available at our Church. I am really looking forward to seeing new God Stories soon.

    Yes, Please consider recording your God Story and sharing it with others.
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