Feminism. Abortion. Homosexuality. Euthanasia. These issues are dividing our society. How can we come together, under Christ to help bridge the gaps in our society today? How can we help our fellow Christians to see past the political differences and realize that we are all children of God?

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  • Hi Tiffany!
    In response to your question, Oh, how I wish it was just a matter of political differences. But each one of the issues that you raised involves precious people who Jesus died for and who are heading into dangerous ground. Sarah's story of the woman who had the abortion and regretted it is actually a reality for so many woman. Many of them are victimized by a system that wants their money so bad that they deny her real need. She needs truth and most of the time, she is not given truth. She needs healing and many times she is lead into much more pain than she ever dreamed of. Similar situations take place in all of the above situations. I believe we have to love people enough to care about their spirit, soul, and body. It may be very unpopular, but if I really care about someone and I really love them, how can I just let them do something that will bring destruction in their life? Shouln't I try to extend a loving hand of help, or a respectful word of truth? I must remenber, "There, but for the grace of God, go I." If I was in a situation where I was being mislead, I would want someone to help me and teach me truth. I believe this is what it means to love the sinner, but hate the sin. A stand like this will certainly be misunderstood, but Jesus was the most misunderstood person who ever lived. For Him, loving meant being misunderstood. I trully think it is the same in our world today. I for one, want to be willing to risk being misunderstood if there is a chance that I can possibly save someone some pain. It is very important that our motive is love. What would love do?
  • On one hand, if we just all could work together like one big, happy family, we could do a lot.

    On the other hand, Jesus gave us truth. Unfortunately truth is divisive many times. Jesus said that he actually came to bring division: a man against his father, a mother against her daughter-in-law and so forth.

    From my experience, the only thing that I see that truly unites people is striving for a common purpose within a common world view. I've met Christians from every denomination who are striving to impact the world around them for Christ. And, regardless of of denomination, we recognized each other as part of the same 'team' and can 'play together.' I think these things represent a different 'team': Abortion. Homosexuality. & Euthanasia. And, I think the teams are forming and they are opposing teams. In my opinion the collisions between the teams will continue to grow. But, I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing... Is this making sense?
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