God wants us to bear fruit and we know from John 15 that we can only do this if we are connected to him. Yet, every day life presses in. If we left life do 'it's thing', our connection with God will be shoved into the background of our lives. And, fruitfulness along with it. To help myself and others, I developed "The Vine". https://kingdominsight.ning.com/group/thevine It is simple, it works and it's free. I call it 'training wheels for fruitfulness'. What 'training wheels' have you employed?

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  • We can't be effective with people unless we love and respect them as people created in the image of God. We aren't naturally loving. Our nature is to be self centered, self justified, to see ourselves as better than others.

    As we develop ministries, we need to do a continual double check. "Is this ministry fostering real relationship.' To the degree that we can minister in the context of authentic relationship, to that degree we can increase the effectivness of our efforts!
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