I am at the National Religious Broadcaster's Convention. Since I am getting this question from everyone, even before the Convention is open! - I thought I'd share the answer with you. WebTV is becoming a reality. And, why not? We are a sight and sound generation. We have built a webTV channel that your miniistry or church can use. You simply upload your content. Your viewers get a unique viewing experience every time they log on until they cycle through all of your content. Here is an example of Websee.tv plugged into a website. www.sarahpalintv.tv Here is an example of just the player. http://www.websee.tv:81/ The church should be the head, not the tail when it comes to technology. That is why Kingdom.com is offering websee.tv because we want churches and ministries everywhere to extend their ministry with their own webTV channel or network of channels. And, we made it simple and affordable.

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