Kingdom Authority and Governance

  • The individual Christ follower  - Diversity

In God’s government, Christ-followers have characteristics that are relevant to governance.   

Each person is a priest to God.  This means that each person can hear from God regarding His leading and instruction through the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.  

We are diverse.  God has created each of us with individual roles; the ear is not a hand.  He gives each of His followers gifts and callings. 

Summary:  God holds each of us accountable to listen to and follow Him. 

Biblical foundations:  See Romans 12

  • The Body of Christ - Unity in Diversity

God’s intent is that there be unity in our diversity.   The unity is Christ, the diversity is each Christ-follower’s expression of God working through his/her life.

Summary:  Unity allows us to accomplish more, together.   Beware of divisions caused for reasons that are not Biblically sound. 

Biblical foundation:  See Romans 12

  • Domain. Authority, Responsibility and Accountability

The coming of Christ was to herald a new era of God’s governance. 

Domain.  The Good News is not just good news of salvation, it is the good news that God intends us to live in His domain, His Kingdom (King’s domain, King-dom).  As Christ-followers, we are transferred from the kingdom of darkness to Christ’s Kingdom of Light.  

Authority.  In God’s Kingdom, as in any kingdom, we operate on delegated authority. 

Responsibility and Jurisdiction.  God’s authority does not have boundaries.  He is Lord over ALL.

As believers, we are not Lord over all.  Our authority is bounded to the areas where we have responsibility.  The area of responsibility is our jurisdiction.  

Equal before God.  We are equal before God.  Though as individuals our scope of responsibility varies, in the Kingdom, those who lead are not at a higher level than those who follow; instead those who lead are to serve, be servants of, those who follow.

Summary: Many people are confused regarding the Kingdom, thinking of it as a future event.  However, upon salvation, we are transferred from the kingdom of darkness to Christ's Kingdom of Light with the responsibility to pass on what He taught us to all people groups, including businesses, government and even our local school boards. 

Biblical foundation:  Isaiah 6 and the New Testament.   

  • Scripture is God’s Rule of Law. 

The scripture reveals God’s rule of Law.  Through it we come to know God, Jesus, His Holy Spirit and His principles.  

The word and the Spirit provide wisdom and power - everything we need for life and living good lives. 

Summary:  These principles are work in harmony.  Scripture, God's Rule of Law, is the test for applying each principle.  

Biblical foundation:  Matthew 6:31-33, 2 Peter 1:3

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