Pastor Mike is on a Mission to plant new fellowships ever where!

Read to see what is happening - here is an excerpt from an email exchange 3/2023

Hi Juanita,

I know we talked about this a few weeks ago about what God has led us to and its just amazing how your checklist is ours as well.  We are approaching it from just a slightly different angle but the Holy Spirit is calling us to the same end result.  How amazing is God to speak to us so clearly that we can respond with such conviction and excitement!

God has called us to plant 250 micro churches over the next 10 years equipping everyone to make disciples and be shepherds and pastors in their neighborhoods.  I plan to turn over the weekly preaching in our churches to a rotation of the micro church pastors as soon as I am able to and praying that God blesses me (hopefully through efforts we discussed) I will to be able to remove myself from the payroll of the church so we have a storehouse of funds to resource all the ministries that God is calling His people to in our congregations.

God has opened up a door to us that was very unexpected.  Next week, I will be in Orlando presenting what we are doing to a national panel of church leaders and planters during a breakout session of the Exponential National Conference.  I am presenting on innovative church planting strategies that utilize technology to disciple and mobile the next generation of church leaders and missionaries.  The conference saw the potential in how we are using our online church plant to take this to an international level and gave us the opportunity.  I don’t know what God plans to bring out of this opportunity but please pray that I will clearly hear His voice and share what He desires to say!

I am just so excited about what God is doing and the new wineskins that He is producing.  I really believe with all of my heart that we are about to see the greatest revival this country has ever seen!


Pastor Mike Coulson

People’s EC Church

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