In order to use technology to reach the lost and enrich your flock, you first need to use it properly. Nothing drives people out of a church faster than off angled projectors or feedback squealing through your brand new system. I will be posting different tips and tricks to make your systems run the way they were meant to. The first tip I will put out there is to protect your equipment! Surge protectors are great however it takes a power conditioner to really take care of your equipment. Electricity actually get contaminated with "noise" by all the appliances and othe electrical equipment in your church. Lights are the biggest culprit. Power conditioners can protect your from power surges but more importantly they filter and clean the electricity before it reaches your sound and video systems so that your sound and video are clear and crisp. Kingdom has a great power conditioner called the FPOWER1. We have used it in ALL of our installations and all the recording rigs we send to Creation. A must have for ANY sound and/or video system.

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  • Well heryl it sounds like your keyboard is creating a ground loop. My best suggestion to start is to take the Hum X and use it with the keyboard. (ALSO quick note if you have a large, feature rich keyboard some of them have new cooling fans in them. We have seen those cooling fans create a system hum when they kick on)

    Then I would put a power conditioner in. The power conditioner plugs into the wall socket and then all of your electrical equipment in the sound booth plugs into the power conditioner. The FPOWER1 that we carry has 8 outlets on the back and one on the front.

    Now something else to be careful with. If you have a large system with multiple amplifiers that draw a LOT of power you need to conscious of how much pull you are putting on the electrical circuits. Once you reach 75% of the circuit max power it is very important to switch the rest of the equipment to another circuit. This leaves you some headroom to really drive your amps and not flip a breaker. Flipping a breaker isn't just an embarrasing moment for the sound crew but it can also really damage your gear.

    Let me know how this works out. We will get to the bottom of your system hum! With all the system techicians we have here if I can't figure it out then one of them can!!
  • We do not have a conditioner, but do have a kingdom HUM X can you tell me the difference and where we would plug the conditioner in. We have the Hum X on our amps but we get a lot of buzz from our keyboard since it is on stage with the monitors and right next to our floor speakers...
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