Powered vs. non-powered snakes

I often get asked "What is the difference between powered and non-powered snakes?". It is pretty simple actually. Powered snakes have speaker cable included along with all of your mic channels, non-powered snakes are just line level mic inputs. Choosing what you will need is as simple as asking yourself, "Will my amps be where the mixer is, or will they be on stage?". If the amp is where the mixing board is going to be then you will want a powered snake. This is so you can run the output from the amp through the snake to the speakers. If you have the amp on stage, then you will not need a powered snake, because your speakers cables will be coming from the amp on stage to your speakers. Always make sure you get the right amount of channels to match your board, and remember generally powered snakes are only available up to 16 channels and generally run 100ft or less. There are exceptions, but only for "special circumstances".

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