I think all too often we forget to Praise GOD for all that He's done. Not a week from now or a year ago but what God has done in your life today-- here and NOW! Here's a Forum to do just that and offer Praise. After all if we don't even the Rocks will cry out and I for one don't want to be a ROCK!!!




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  • I praise God for leading me to this site and for the comfort I experience in my new friends as they help me to learn how to welcome God into my heart and my life. PRAISE GOD!
  • Three unexpected roses given by a customer, her husband, and child. All of my customers, without them I have little income.
  • Praise God for His Healing for my Mom just had a Heart Catherization and found out that where she had some scarring from a previous Heart Attack (5yrs ago) it was completely healed and the Artery created a new branch and is looking better than ever. PRAISE GOD.
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