Spiritual DNA?

I have come across a number things lately that refer to the character of heaven coming to earth or the character of Christ in us as spiritual DNA. 

As I see it, the only way the character of heaven can come to earth is in our behavior which will be based on our understanding of the Word.

The character of Christ manifested in us also happens because of our understanding of the Word and our walk with the Lord. 

I don't understand how either of these concepts could have anything to do with DNA.  DNA after all is a biological chain of complex protiens put together in a long chain that determines the physical and biological character of a living thing.

The Word states that the Lord's Spirit is within those who are saved.  It does not say His body fluids or anything that contains DNA is in us.  We are washed by the blood.  We don't absorb it.

I understand that Christians can and should express the character of Christ.  Mayybe they should take some of the concepts of the heaven and apply them to daily life.  However, I do not get how any of this has anything to do with DNA, spiritual or otherwise.   I see spiritual DNA as little more than a buzz word.  Your thoughts.



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  • Good thoughts, Lisa...


    Here is how I would see it, and I would use the term DNA.   DNA has a specific relationship to how we reproduce biologically.   However - when we think about the concept of reproduction we can also think about how things reproduce, not reproducing organisms but reproducing nevertheless.    The scripture says that we are 'born' into a new life in Christ...  that we 'grow' as believers and that we bear fruit:  we reproduce our lives in others (pass these things to faithful people who will teach others as well) and we bear fruit of goodness and good works.  


    If there is one concept that is evidenced in all life it is that like reproduces like.   Too often people think that we will reproduce what we say or perhaps what we believe.   I think that it is most accurate to say that we will reproduce what we are.   So, in a sense we can refer to the DNA level of our lives; i.e. what ARE we and what WILL we reproduce.    That is what I think it means when people say that we should think about the 'DNA' of ourselves, our churches and our ministries:  What are we and what will we reproduce, or in other words, what is our DNA?

  • Hi Lisa,

    I so agree, it is a wonderful mystery to ponder, huh?

    Thanks so much,


  • Mark,
    Thank you. I love the balanced, respectful, and not at all defensive or confrontational way you replied to this! Recently encountered someone who responded very differently. You have pointed out a reason for a different view. It is something that I had not considered. That is very much appreciated! Now I can mull over the spiritual to physical connection. Though I may never call it DNA I have reason to see it from a new angel. Maybe some kind of DNA pathway already exists and the spiritual just turns it on. God created us. He would certainly know how the system works. That doesn't make it spiritual DNA, but it does open the possibility that it could be spiritually controlled.
    Your sister in Christ.
  • Hi Lisa,

    I agree, I don't understand it either, but there is an interplay between spirit and body. There is an Australian Neuro Scientist, I think she is a Neuroligist, who does brain mapping and studies cellular memory. Her name is Dr. Caroline Leaf.

    She shows how we learn our skills and how habits are created through neuro tree like branches that grow in our brains. We know that when Jesus healed one man, He did it by forgiving him of his sins. So something physically happened from spiritual roots.

    There are generational curses and Paul told Timothy that what he saw in his grandmother and mother was also in him.

    But I so agree with you, we have so little understanding of does the spirit have interdependencies like the body and are they interwoven in the body. I know when my spirit is troubled, I feel sick, kind of like an overcast and when things are going well, I feel high energy and looking for something to do.

    I'm not sure either if there is real spiritual DNA.

    Thanks Lisa,


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