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The last sure sign of the Lord's return is street preaching - massive street preaching. Jesus said in Mt 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. In all the world means that it will be preached in the cities, suburbs, country, and on the oceans.

In the last 4-5 years, the Lord has be raising up THOUSANDS of preachers all over the world. They come from every denomination, every sect, and the independents too. They all have a similar story. They believe God has commanded them to preach.

I was at the NCAA finals in Atlanta in 2007, and to my great joy and surprise, there must have been 40 preachers surrounding the colliseum. They represented a cross section of Christianity. One had to take a number if one wanted to preach that night!

This has never happened before in the history of the church. There has always been the few preaching here and there, but never before has there been THOUSANDS at once. Each one testifying to God's direct leading to preach.

Jesus is doing a new work in our times, and it will usher in the Kingdom of God. In the verse above, after the gospel is preached in all the world, the end comes. It is the preaching that ushers in the Kingdom.

The church needs to know that they must not oppose what Jesus is doing in this day. God's wisdom is there, but not often seen. The focus of these discussions is to prepare the church for what God is doing, to instruct Christians on what God is doing and why.

Most people do not understand street preaching. They see a tumult and think that that can't possibly be of God. But they fail to remember that often Jesus preached and riots ensued. Three times the crowds tried to kill him before they succeeded. Many times when the apostles preached there were riots, arrests, and beatings. The tumult is the very thing through which the Lord works.

Remember this: 1Co 1:21 For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.

Please come over to the Open Air Ministry Group, join, and learn more about street preaching.

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Here is a bit of encouragement - I put this on twitter yesterday & 31 people viewed it!
Uuummmm, watched what?
This report just in from Norfolk! Praise the lord today we can preach...

Check out the link
Two friends of mine took the city of Norfolk to task over they were ordered to remove their religious message during a street event. They won.

As we approach the end of the age, street preaching will be everywhere. It is the sign of the end. We will see preachers everywhere, on every street corner, and in front of every baudy house. We are counseled by Jesus to not be afraid of them, but to fear Him who after taking our life can throw our soul into Hell. The world must be given, each and every soul, the opportunity to make peace with God. Once everyone has been given the chance, regardless of what choice they make, the Lord is free to bring judgment to the earth.
Isn't a Blog post, a GodTV message, TBN message, MySpace post, Facebook post, Twitter, or even this forum a way of going into, and reaching ALL the world in one second??? Can all of these avenues be a way for people to "preach" the gospel? I can interpret the verse you interpreted differently....and we both can be right. You see it as 'street preaching' and I see it as 'TV/computer evangelism'......neither of which are bad, both spread the gospel, and both have the ability to transform people.

Isn't it great that in these end times we have the ability to reach more people...quicker and in bigger numbers than ever before!! Exciting and fun times we are living in!!!!
Bro Cope said:
Uuummmm, watched what?
This thread!
No, they can't be the same thing, because they do not produce the same effects on the world. I am not saying that internet/radio/TV ought not to be done. Every way that the gospel can be spread ought to be done. But public proclamation is designed to do a lot more than just to present the gospel.

(1) it is supposed to produce division - Mt 10:34
(2) It is supposed to be foolish - I Cor 1:21
(3) It is supposed to produce persecution - Mt 10:17-31

The layer of technology acts to shield the speaker from the direct results of preaching, yet it is those very consequences that are needed to perfect the preacher. The conflict that is created by preaching has a purpose which is full of God's wisdom.
For me it doesn't matter what road we all long as we all get to the same destination. I am so happy that street preaching works for sounds like God has especially anointed you in that area. Keep up the great work.
Thank you, Paige.

Bro Cope
Christians roughed up and arrested in Dayton, Ohio for preaching on a public campus.

Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism consists of a group of young Christians who faithfully and routinely minister on America's university campuses. They have done so in over a dozen states and on scores of campuses. When conflict arises with law enforcement, they politely deal with the situation and almost always are able to resolve the attack on their First Amendment rights. They have never been arrested in the past.

But yesterday, at Sinclair Community College in Ohio, four of their members were arrested and another cited and released by officers who behaved like thugs. Please take time to read the following account of what took place. AND, please take time to CALL or EMAIL the authorities listed at the end of the account on behalf of these Christian young people.

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!

Christians Arrested By Hostile Campus Police While Conducting Sexual Purity Outreach

Dayton, OH -- Five Christian evangelists with the Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism (FSSOE) were arrested yesterday while sharing the Biblical message of sexual purity and morality on the public campus of Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio. Concerns are mounting over the shocking and troubling behavior of the campus police officer that lashed out at the evangelists who had peacefully gathered on the public college campus to conduct an important Gospel outreach.

At approximately 11:30 a.m., nine members with FSSOE arrived at Sinclair Community College to begin the outreach. As a crowd of students gathered, the evangelists engaged in one-on-one witnessing, the distribution of literature, the display of Scriptural signs and open-air preaching.

Twenty minutes later, Officer Michael Beane approached the group of Christians and stated they were "trespassing" on the public campus. When one of the Christians with the group, Caleb Green, tried to discuss the situation with the officer, he was consequently arrested. Candace Knapschaefer, a 19-year-old FSSOE student who was standing nearby, was also arrested as she held a sign that stated, "Christ died for you. Will you live for Him?"

Clip of Calleb Green's arrest

A second clip of an unknown female police officer threatening Knaps....
Caleb Green can be seen in the background being led away by Officer Michael Beane. -

Moments later, the Chief of Police, Charles J. Gift, arrived on the scene and informed the Christians that they did have a right to be on campus, but stated they could not distribute literature nor hold signs. Complying with Chief Gift's directions, the outreach continued peacefully and productively as FSSOE director Jason Storms ministered to the growing crowd of students.

After 3 p.m., as Officer Beane was leaving the premises to leave for the day, Storms approached the officer to caringly inquire about the status of the two of his students that had been arrested. Beane bluntly answered, "I don't have to answer your questions. I am off duty." When Storms followed the officer inside to ask if he could have his name, Beane then threatened that he would be arrested for harassment. Moments later, Officer Beane directed two policemen from the administration building to arrest Storms who was then cited for "disorderly conduct" and released.

Faithful Soldier student Katie Carroll, who had accompanied Storms into the building, caught Storms' discussion with Officer Beane and the ensuing arrest on camera. As Storms was taken into custody, Carroll was told by the officers to leave the building, and promptly joined the others outside. Several minutes later, Carroll was approached by Beane, who demanded that she hand over the footage. She politely declined.

Another Faithful Soldier School student, Daniel Pollion, who stepped in between Carroll in attempt to reason with Beane about his demands for confiscation was immediately put into a headlock and thrown to the ground. Ironically, "off-duty" Officer Beane then radioed into headquarters that Pollion had punched him in the face, and consequently had him charged with assault. Carroll was also arrested by one of the several officers who had now consequently descended on the scene.

However, numerous eyewitnesses consisting of both Sinclair students and other FSSOE members have come forward to file police reports that there was never any punch thrown by Pollion, and that it was instead Officer Beane's actions that constituted assault. Sadly, Daniel Pollion may be facing falsified felony charges and remains in jail awaiting a hearing.

"One bad deed often leads to another," FSSOE director Jason Storms stated. "After Officer Beane unlawfully arrested one of my students, his out of control behavior escalated even further, and now an innocent man remains in jail," he lamented.

Storms also says that he hopes that in light the disturbing conduct of Officer Beane, appropriate disciplinary measures will now be taken.

"How far is Chief Gift willing to go to protect the outrageous and unlawful actions of his officers?" Storms questioned. "It is beyond me how Officer Beane was given a badge and a gun. He gives a bad name to the entire department," he concluded.


1) Pray for those who have been arrested and that the Lord's will would be done in this situation.

2) Call the City of Dayton Prosecutor Deirdre Logan at (937) 333-4114 or (937) 333-4100, and/or e-mail her at and request that the bogus charges against Caleb Green, Candace Knapschaefer, Katie Carroll and Jason Storms be dropped immediately.

3) Call the Montgomery County Prosecutor Mathias H. Heck Jr. at (937) 225-5757, and/or e-mail him at and request that the charges against Daniel Pollion be dropped immediately. Prosecutor Heck will be handling this particular case due to the felony charges involved.

4) Call the Sinclair Community College Chief of Police Charles J. Gift at (937) 512-2700, and/or e-mail him at and express your disgust over the actions of Officer Michael Beane and the other officers involved in the arrests of the FSSOE students.

5) E-mail Officer Michael Beane at and tell him that you do not approve of his unlawful treatment of these Christians.

6) Call the Sr. Vice President and Chief Information Officer Kenneth Moore at (937) 512-3107, and/or e-mail him at, requesting that he conduct a full investigation into the handling of the matter by the Sinclair Community College Police Department.

7) Make your voice heard to the editor of the Dayton Daily News by e-mailing your letter to:

News inquiries regarding yesterday's arrests can be made to Jason Storms, director of Faithful Soldier School of Evangelism, at (262) 623-2194.
For my friends and supporters, here is my latest journal issue:

Issue 24 Apr 20-24

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